According to the British Guardian on September 23, a Guardian investigation found that “nicotine-free” vapes sold on Amazon contain this highly addictive substance.

The Guardian tested seven products on online marketplaces that stated on their seller pages that they did not contain nicotine, and six of them were found to contain the stimulant. In the UK, it is illegal to sell vapes containing nicotine as “nicotine-free”.

A consumer raised concerns with Amazon in customer service chats in July and August that vapes advertised as “zero nicotine” actually contained the substance, but Amazon told the person to contact the seller directly.

Six of the vapes not only contain nicotine, but the capacity of some vape juice tanks exceeds the legal limit of 2 milliliters.

Amazon has now removed the products pending an investigation and said it will take enforcement action against any third-party sellers who violate its policies.

An unnamed consumer informed the Guardian of the issue. He said he had been using a pack of two disposable vape pens that claimed to be nicotine-free.

“I had been trying to quit vaping, so I bought a nicotine-free vape,” he said. ‘I bought them about 20 times and spent hundreds of pounds. When I first got them I believed they didn’t contain nicotine so I thought I had quit nicotine. I checked the reviews and a lot of people said This product actually contains nicotine. They say it’s a scam,” he said.

The customer contacted Amazon customer service, who said: “Based on the description, we believe it [the product] does not contain nicotine.” He responded: “So the product wasn’t tested? Even though myself and others in the reviews say it does May contain nicotine.” Amazon then advised customers to contact the seller.

The Guardian tested seven products and found they were misdescribed and all but one did not contain the addictive chemical nicotine.

As a new type of electronic product, vapes have become popular all over the world in recent years. It is widely regarded as a relatively safe alternative to traditional cigarettes and is favored by many smokers for its smoke-free, tar-free, and second-hand smoke characteristics. However, the nicotine component contained in vapes still has certain addictive properties and health risks, so accurate labeling and clarity of nicotine content has become key.

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