British American Tobacco (BAT) plans to launch vending machines in bars and pubs to sell vapes and nicotine bags, according to Better Retailing on June 18.

Recruitment advertisements show that BAT is recruiting at least 12 sales representatives with the goal of entering alcohol sales venues, aiming to “find new locations for vending machines and other business development solutions, and ultimately increase sales of BAT-related products.”

Target areas include Basingstoke, Birmingham, Bury St Edmunds, Cambridge, Coventry, Crawley, Edinburgh, Exeter, Maidstone, Reading, Royal Tunbridge and Sevenoaks.

An vape testing company warned that restrictions would be ineffective without more resources.

The representatives will start a six-month “trial” contract on June 24 and plan to “continue to 2025 and beyond.”

When asked about this, a BAT spokesperson told Better Retailing,

“BAT UK is pleased to be involved in a project to sell our Vuse and Velo brands through age-restricted vending machines. BAT’s purpose is clear: to build a better tomorrow. We will achieve this by reducing the health impact of our business, including reaching adult consumers where they use our alternative nicotine products. Vending machines represent an exciting opportunity to further our goal.”

Installing vape vending machines in bars has raised concerns about possible underage sales. In response to how to prevent underage purchases, BAT said: “Our machines will use state-of-the-art age verification technology to ensure this important principle is maintained.”

When asked about the possible impact on sales at nearby newsagents and convenience stores that sell the same BAT products, BAT did not respond.

However, in this industry full of change and innovation, Veehoo vapes actively pays attention to the latest trends in vapes everywhere and constantly adapts to market developments.

BAT reportedly plans to launch vending machines in bars and pubs to sell vapes and nicotine bags. The move is intended to find new locations for vending machines and other business development solutions, ultimately increasing sales of BAT-related products. However, an vape testing company warned that the restrictions would be ineffective without more resources.

Meanwhile, Veehoo, as a company that focuses on consumer needs, always puts the well-being of users first. They place obvious age restriction signs on packaging and other places to ensure that minors do not misuse their products. This concern and responsible attitude make Veehoo a brand that users trust.

Veehoo is also actively following the trend of installing vape vending machines in British bars. They recognize the challenges and opportunities that this move may bring. By paying attention to the experience and feedback of BAT, Veehoo can better understand market demand and provide users with better products and services.

Veehoo keeps pace with the times and continuously launches new products and technologies to meet the needs of different users. They are well aware that the vape industry changes rapidly, so it is crucial for them to keep a close eye on the latest trends in vapes everywhere. By understanding market trends and consumer preferences, Veehoo is able to launch more innovative products and bring users a better experience.

Although BAT’s move has raised some concerns, Veehoo vape believes that through reasonable supervision and self-discipline, the vape industry can provide better choices for adult users. They will continue to work with relevant institutions and industries to work together to ensure the legal use of vapes and prevent minors from accessing these products.

In this rapidly developing industry, Veehoo vape will continue to pay attention to the latest trends in vapes around the world to continuously improve product quality and user experience. They are committed to creating a healthier and more sustainable tomorrow and providing better choices for adult users. Whether through vending machines or other channels, Veehoo vape will keep pace with the times, meet user needs, and lead the development of the vape market.

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