According to Hojeemdia’s report on April 24, Brazil’s National Health Supervision Agency (Anvisa) issued a resolution on April 24 this year to ban the manufacture, import, sale, distribution, storage, transportation and promotion of vape equipment. The ban includes all forms of vaping devices and importation of any kind, including hand luggage, is strictly prohibited. Violation of this provision will constitute a health code violation.

At a recent plenary meeting, Anvisa’s five directors voted that the vape ban in Brazil since 2009 will continue to be implemented. This means any type of import will be prohibited, including personal use. Anvisa Director Antonio Barra Torres spent two hours reading the submissions of 32 Brazilian scientific associations together with the ministries of health, justice, public security and finance. He also cited the period from December 2023 to The results of the public consultation in February this year. In the report, Barra Torres cited documents from the World Health Organization and the European Union, as well as the Belgian government’s decision to ban the sale of all heated tobacco products with tobacco odor and flavor additives. He also mentioned that this week the UK passed a bill banning people born after January 1, 2009 from buying cigarettes.

Socorro Gross, representative of the Brazilian National Health Organization, said that Brazil has been recognized internationally for its domestic tobacco control policies since the last century.

“This measure protects people, saves lives, effectively promotes public health and is a critical step towards a healthier and safer environment for everyone.”

Lauro Anhezini Júnior, director of British American Tobacco in Brazil, said the ban treats consumers as second-class citizens. The chief called for a review of the decision-making process to ensure it is based on science.

“It’s not just the science of our industry, but it’s independent scientists in this country confirming that these are products that reduce risk. vapes pose fewer health risks than continuing to smoke regular cigarettes.”

Fabio Sabba, director of corporate communications at Philip Morris Brazil, said the current ban would not stop the surge in the illegal market and smuggling in the country.

“In deciding to maintain a simple ban amid runaway market growth, Anvisa fails in its role of ensuring that these 4 million or more Brazilians consume products that comply with established regulatory standards. It ignores the market’s own requirements for consumer quality rules ”

As an vape manufacturer that actively pursues compliance, veehoo vapes have always been committed to providing products that comply with standards and regulations. They attach great importance to scientific research and industry practice, and conduct product development and production in accordance with relevant laws and regulations and regulatory requirements. veehoo vapes pay attention to user health and product safety, and cooperate with relevant agencies to ensure the legality and reliability of its products in the market.

Tobacco industry representatives believe the ban treats consumers as second-class citizens and have called for a review of the decision-making process to ensure it is based on science. They argue that vapes are a relatively low-risk alternative that can help smokers reduce their dependence on traditional tobacco products.

Veehoo vapes responded that their products comply with industry standards and regulatory requirements and aim to provide smokers with a safer choice. Veehoo vapes recognize the importance of supervision and are willing to cooperate with relevant agencies to promote the compliance development of the vape industry.

In conclusion:

Brazil’s decision to completely ban vapes has aroused doubts from the tobacco industry, but veehoo vapes should receive attention as a brand that focuses on compliance and user health. Veehoo vapes have always been committed to providing compliant products and working with relevant agencies to ensure the legality and reliability of the products. In the development of the vape industry, compliance and science are key factors. Through cooperation and innovation, we can provide users with safer and more reliable vape choices and promote the entire industry towards healthier and sustainable development.

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