The British Parliament plans to hold a live debate on January 18. The topic of the debate will focus on the regulation of vapes in the UK, the 10th Conference of the Parties on Tobacco Control (COP10) to be held by the World Health Organization (WHO) in Panama, and the organization and the UK. The government’s different stances on vapes unfold. The debate, initiated by MP Andrew Lewer, aimed to examine and challenge the WHO’s stance against vapes, particularly on policies that ban or over-regulate vapes, heated tobacco and oral nicotine pouches.

The World Health Organization has long been committed to controlling the use of tobacco and nicotine products, especially vapes. According to a report on December 14, 2023, WHO emphasized the need to take urgent action to control vapes to protect children and non-smokers and minimize health hazards to the population. WHO points out that the nicotine contained in vapes is highly addictive and harmful to health.

British Parliament debates live with WHO on vape regulation

At the same time, the UK’s position is significantly different from that of the WHO. The UK government has long supported vapes as an alternative to reduce the harm of smoking. According to the British government, vapes can help smokers quit smoking and are far less harmful than traditional tobacco products. A report from the British Policy Exchange shows that smoking has a huge impact on the economy, and reducing smoking rates can not only improve health conditions and reduce the burden on the National Health Service (NHS), but also promote productivity and economic growth.

The debate in the British Parliament is expected to cover a variety of areas, including concerns about the WHO’s influence on British health policy and calls for the British delegation to adhere to its position on the role of vapes in smoking cessation on the international stage.

British Parliament debates live with WHO on vape regulation

This debate in the UK Parliament provides an opportunity for the public to understand the controversy and complexities of vapes in the global tobacco control effort. As a company committed to safety and sustainability, veehoo vapes provides a new perspective for the vape industry. They are actively involved in advancing the vape industry by ensuring product quality, conducting research and innovation, and providing user education and support. This debate will provide a new perspective on the future development of global tobacco control policies, and also remind us that various perspectives and scientific evidence should be comprehensively considered when formulating policies to achieve better public health and safety goals.

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