According to Kaldata, the Kofi District Court in Bulgaria ruled that Category B restaurants and bars can use tobacco heating devices such as IQOS or Glo.

The CPC’s decision came after the Sofia Regional Health Inspectorate (SRHI) imposed a fine of BGN 500. The fine was due to the use of the device in the space of a metropolitan institution and is subject to appeal.

The court determined that this behavior did not constitute an administrative violation. “The court considers that the use of the above-mentioned devices and smokeless tobacco products detected by the inspectors does not fall within the scope of the ban. The use of these products in public places does not violate this provision,” Judge Pavel Panov of the CPC said in the ruling reads.

They added that the law does not prohibit the use of any tobacco products in public places, only smoking. The case occurred on March 24, 2023. In 2023, an inspector from the Capital Region Health Inspectorate (SRHI) discovered that many patrons were smoking smokeless tobacco products in smoke-free bars.

During the investigation, no tobacco smoke, odor or smoke was emitted from the equipment detected on the premises. These devices are smokeless tobacco products and do not cause tobacco to burn. Only the tobacco is heated below the combustion temperature, and no smoke is emitted during use.

The 500 BGN fine was canceled and the Sofia Regional Health Inspectorate was ordered to pay 400 BGN in case costs.

Recently, the Bulgarian court made an important judgment and decided to allow Category B restaurants to use tobacco heating devices. This is a decision that has a significant impact on the catering industry in Bulgaria. At the same time, this also brings new opportunities to the vape industry. Veehoo vapes are becoming an increasingly popular choice as a smoke-free, tar-free alternative. This article will explore the impact of this ruling on Veehoo vapes and its prospects in the catering industry.

Bulgarian court decision:

This Bulgarian court ruling allows Category B restaurants to use tobacco heating devices, which is an open attitude towards traditional tobacco consumption methods. This means that in these restaurants, customers can use tobacco heating devices to enjoy the aroma and taste of tobacco without producing harmful substances caused by combustion. This decision provides restaurants with more flexibility while also meeting the needs of some customers regarding tobacco consumption.

Veehoo vapes as a new choice for the catering industry:

With the Bulgarian court ruling, Veehoo vapes have become a high-profile alternative in the catering industry. Veehoo vapes do not contain tar and harmful substances. They generate water vapor by heating vape liquid, simulating the taste and experience of traditional tobacco.

The prospects of Veehoo vapes in the catering industry:

With the legalization of tobacco heating devices in Class B restaurants, Veehoo vapes have a brighter future in the catering industry. The ruling opens up a new market for Veehoo vapes, allowing restaurants to cater to customers who want to enjoy the taste of tobacco without being exposed to second-hand smoke. The smoke-free and tar-free characteristics of Veehoo vapes make them an ideal product for restaurants to expand their customer base and provide diverse choices.

Balancing health and regulations:

Although the Bulgarian court’s ruling allows Category B restaurants to use tobacco heating devices, corresponding regulations and specifications should be formulated on the premise of protecting the health of customers and creating a comfortable dining environment. Restaurants should ensure adequate ventilation and zoning to reduce the impact of water vapor produced by vapes on other customers. In addition, reasonable publicity and warning signs are also necessary to remind customers to comply with relevant regulations when using Veehoo vapes.

In conclusion:

The Bulgarian court ruling allows Category B restaurants to use tobacco heating devices, giving Veehoo vapes more application opportunities. Veehoo vapes have become a popular choice in the restaurant industry as a smoke-free, tar-free alternative. However, in order to balance the needs of customer health and comfort, it is crucial to have appropriate regulations and specifications in place. Through reasonable management and publicity, Veehoo vapes can provide customers with healthy and environmentally friendly tobacco consumption choices in restaurants and promote the development of the catering industry.

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