1. The trade surplus of China’s e-cigarette industry continues to expand

After the rapid development of e-cigarette industry in recent years, China’s e-cigarette market has formed a very complete e-cigarette industry chain with Guangdong as the core. In recent years, with the gradual rise of electronic cigarettes around the world, the export volume of China’s electronic cigarette industry has increased rapidly and the trade surplus has been expanding.

  1. The import value of China’s e-cigarette industry exceeded $5.7 billion in 2021

As the industrial chain of the domestic e-cigarette industry is very complete, the output of e-cigarette is far higher than the demand of the domestic vape market. Therefore, the overall level of the import trade of Chinese e-cigarette industry is low. In 2021, the total import amount of China’s e-cigarette industry was 5.702 billion yuan, an increase of 8.96% from 2020.

  1. Import price level of e-cigarette products in China: the import price of atomizing equipment is the highest

Among the imported products in China’s e-cigarette industry, “electronic cigarettes and similar personal electronic atomization equipment” with customs number 85439090 has remained at a high price level. The import price of this product in 2021 is $171.15 per product, which is relatively high compared with other imported products.

  1. Import product structure of China’s e-cigarette industry: e-cigarette imports account for 73%

From the perspective of the import product structure of China’s electronic cigarette industry in 2021, the import amount of electronic cigarettes (electrical equipment and devices with independent functions not listed, Customs number: 85439090) accounted for the highest proportion, and the import amount of such products accounted for 73% of the total import amount of the electronic cigarette industry in 2021.

  1. Distribution of e-cigarette import sources in China: Japan is the largest source of e-cigarette import in China

From the perspective of the import source of China’s e-cigarette industry, Japan is the largest importer of China’s e-cigarette industry. In the whole year of 2021, China imported 6.256 billion yuan of e-cigarette industry-related products from Japan. In addition, China’s import of vaping-related products from the United States, Taiwan and Germany also amounted to more than 3.5 billion yuan.

Source: Blue Hole New Consumption