South Korea’s British American Tobacco Rosmans (BAT Rosmans) announced on January 15 that it would expand its vape product “Vuse Go 800” sales network nationwide, covering 30,000 convenience stores and tobacco shops in Seoul and other regions.

VUSE entered the Korean vape market for the first time in mid-July 2023. Half a year later, the brand once again promoted the expansion of its sales network to cover the entire country.

VUSE’s actions are not isolated. Since 2023, many Chinese disposable vape brands have entered the Korean market. Among them, ELFBAR entered the market in early February and signed an exclusive distribution agreement with Setopia, a well-known Korean distributor. At the same time, well-known brands such as LOST MARY and ELUX have also entered the Korean market, breaking the market competition that was originally dominated by open vapes.

The influx of these well-known disposable brands into the Korean market has attracted great attention from those in the vape industry. Industry insiders have speculated whether this marks the beginning of the rise of South Korea’s disposable vape market?

In 2024, the South Korean vape market will soon face the challenge of the entry of chaebols, which will break the inherent pattern of the market. For veehoo vapes, adapting to the upcoming new market will be key. Veehoo vapes stated that they will adapt to new market challenges and meet the rise of the Korean vape market.

As an vape company dedicated to product research and development and user experience, veehoo vapes have a series of advantages in market competition. Facing the changes and fierce competition in the Korean market, veehoo vapes can adopt the following strategies to adapt and thrive:

Market positioning and differentiation: Veehoo vapes can achieve differentiation by clearly positioning the target user group and providing product features and services that are different from competitors. For example, they can emphasize product innovation and diversification to attract consumers who pay more attention to personality and experience.

Strengthen brand building: Veehoo vapes can increase brand building efforts and enhance brand awareness and reputation. By actively participating in events such as exhibitions, building interactions and communities with users, and cooperating with appropriate channel partners, veehoo vapes can expand brand influence and attract more consumers’ attention.

Innovative products and technologies: Veehoo vapes can continue to invest in product research and development and technological innovation, and launch new products that meet the needs of the Korean market. For example, they can develop flavor lines that are more suitable for local user tastes and preferences, or launch new products that adapt to Korean market regulatory policies.

Establish partnerships: Veehoo vapes can establish partnerships with local retailers, distributors and other industry players to jointly promote market development. By working with the right partners, veehoo vapes can expand product distribution channels, improve product availability and market share.

In conclusion:

Facing the upcoming rise of the Korean vape market and the entry of chaebols, veehoo vapes need to adapt to the challenges of the new market and maintain a competitive advantage. Through its advantages in product quality and safety, technological innovation and R&D capabilities, user education and support, veehoo vapes can stand out in the highly competitive market. At the same time, by adopting strategies such as market positioning and differentiation, brand building, innovative products and technologies, and establishing partnerships, veehoo vapes can adapt to changes in the new market, inject new vitality into the development of the Korean vape market, and promote the prosperity of the industry. develop.

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