The U.S. FDA has issued a draft of the “Manufacturing Regulations for Tobacco Products” for comments. With the U.S. TPMP proofing, other countries will follow up quickly. Since then, the entire e-cigarette industry and factories around the world will have laws to follow.

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This document is aimed at the entire tobacco industry, not just our e-cigarettes, such as cigarettes, hookahs, cigars, etc. As long as tobacco products are managed by this document. E-cigarettes, heat-not-burn products, and e-liquid are just some of them.

FDA’s statement, on April 12, FDA will hold an online hearing and give 180 days to solicit public comments. Then make revisions or answers based on hearings and public comments, and it will take effect immediately after the publicity period ends. Therefore, during this period, our company must respond quickly and seize this critical period.

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