The electronic cigarette child lock is really tasteless to be complained by the industry, but compliance is the premise of survival. Before the implementation of the 5.1 management method, many brands have launched the child lock function for the cigarette rod.

The “Administrative Measures for Electronic Cigarettes” issued on March 11 stipulates that electronic cigarettes should have the function of preventing children from starting and preventing accidental starting. In the eyes of industry professionals, it is also the function of child lock, which will become electronic cigarettes in the future. a standard.

At present, there are two ways to realize electronic cigarette child locks: structural locks and electronic locks.

Structural lock: It is to design a structure of lock ring/lock sleeve. Under normal circumstances, it is impossible to start the electronic cigarette normally. Only by pressing/rotating/pulling the lock ring can the electronic cigarette be started normally. However, this kind of structural lock is more common in electronic cigarettes with rotary joints, and some are designed to meet the EU TPD regulations.

Electronic lock: As the name implies, it is to electronically control the activation of electronic cigarettes, such as adding Bluetooth connection function to electronic cigarettes, and controlling the switch through mobile phone APP. RELX is this route. However, vitavp, VTV@+, platinum zirconia, etc. use the technical route of continuously pulling and inserting pods to activate/deactivate the child lock function.

In addition, electronic locks include face recognition, fingerprint recognition, anti-mistouch solutions, etc. In short, there are various.

At present, the national standard of electronic cigarettes does not stipulate what technical route should be used to realize the child lock function, but from the perspective of industry trends, the technical route of continuously pulling and inserting the pod to activate/disable the child lock function is obviously more popular.

This does not bring too complicated operability in the user experience, and it is very simple to use, which is the same as the big smoke triggering method of the previous small smoke stick.

In general, it is not difficult to achieve child locks, and the technical routes are diverse. With the implementation of new regulations in the future, it is only a matter of time before it becomes the standard configuration of electronic cigarettes.

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