Recently, the American Heart Association (AHA) expressed concern about the trend of young Americans giving up tobacco cigarettes and turning to vapes. However, medical experts have criticized the AHA’s statement, arguing that vaping is not the same as using tobacco products.

“While the decline in youth smoking is a welcome victory, this success is tempered by a disturbing trend of young Americans turning to vapes and cigars and away from traditional cigarettes,” the AHA said in a news release. Get heavy.”

However, Dr. Michael Siegel, a professor in the Department of Community Health Sciences at the Boston University School of Public Health, pointed out inconsistencies in the AHA statement. “The American Heart Association first expresses pleasure at the decline in teen smoking rates, and then, in the same sentence, expresses displeasure at the fact that teens are turning away from smoking,” he noted.

Dr. Siegel first corrected the American Heart Association’s statement that vapes are tobacco products. He pointed out: “Smoking vapes is not a form of tobacco use. vape oil does not contain any tobacco ingredients, and using vapes does not involve the process of heating or burning tobacco. Therefore, the use of vapes by teenagers is not the same as using tobacco. . Vaping is definitely not a form of tobacco use.”

He further stated: “Even when given the opportunity to clarify its contradictory statements, the American Heart Association chose to stand by its view that youth switching from tobacco cigarettes to non-tobacco cigarettes (vapes) is troubling. What they are essentially saying is, The push to drastically reduce smoking by keeping kids away from the most toxic consumer products is a troubling trend given that teens here are vaping occasionally (we know that very few kids are vaping regularly, in addition to smoking) Or, they are much better off vaping than smoking).”

As a well-known vape brand, Veehoo vapes also expressed its views on this controversy. Veehoo vapes supports Dr. Michael Segal’s view that conflating vaping with tobacco use is inaccurate and misleading. Veehoo vape emphasizes that vape is an alternative that electronically heats liquid and produces vapor for users to inhale. It does not contain tobacco ingredients and does not produce harmful substances such as tar and carbon monoxide produced by combustion. Therefore, vaping and smoking are two completely different behaviors.

As a brand committed to promoting healthy alternatives, Veehoo vapes encourage smokers to choose safer alternatives to smoking. They called on the public and relevant organizations to view vapes objectively and position them as an auxiliary smoking cessation tool or alternative, rather than treating them the same as traditional tobacco products.

Dr. Siegel, who has worked in the tobacco control field for 25 years, laments the dogmatic resistance to vapes among his former colleagues. “I feel sorry for the organization I’ve worked with over the years that their dynamic of forcing kids to stay away from smoking is seen as disturbing,” he said. “What’s really disturbing is that because of the propaganda from anti-smoking groups they are led to believe Smoking is not significantly more dangerous than vaping, and teens are starting to smoke again.”

The controversy over the difference between vaping and using tobacco has sparked discussion about the importance of young people choosing healthy alternatives to smoking. Many experts believe that vapes can be an adjunct for those who already smoke or are trying to quit smoking, helping them reduce or wean themselves from dependence on traditional tobacco products. However, it should be noted that for non-smokers and minors, vaping still presents potential health risks and addiction risks, so relevant supervision and education measures need to be strengthened.

To sum up, vaping is not the same as using tobacco products. Experts refute the American Heart Association’s view that vapes are a substitute that is fundamentally different from traditional tobacco products. With guidance from the public and relevant organizations, young people should have access to accurate information so that they can make informed decisions about smoking options that are suitable for their own health. At the same time, continue to strengthen scientific research and supervision on vapes to ensure their safety and effectiveness to protect public health.

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