According to overseas platform SDC reported on May 3, the latest April to May freight report of global logistics Dimerco Group (Dimerco) showed that despite facing many global challenges, the air and sea freight markets still showed strong resilience.

Kathy Liu, Vice President of Global Sales and Marketing of Dimei Technology, said, “The demand for air freight capacity has surged by more than 50%, mainly from the e-commerce and vape industries in southern China. TEMU operates through Taiwan, Japan and South Korea. Sea and air freight routes have been opened to the United States, changing traditional trade routes. As a result, freight rates on these routes now exceed freight rates from mainland China, which is a rare phenomenon.”

In March 2024, the global manufacturing purchasing managers index (PMI) rose to 50.6. Despite increasing global economic pressures, such as rising inflation and concerns about interest rate adjustments, the Asia-Pacific region continues to show growth, particularly in terms of expansion in the manufacturing and services sectors.

Reports show that trade routes from Asia to Europe have suffered a major blow due to the crisis in the Middle East. However, these impacts are partially mitigated by growing air freight demand driven by innovative routes through Dubai and e-commerce in China.

New container ship deliveries surged in the maritime market, effectively maintaining a balance between supply and demand despite rising freight rates due to China’s pre-Labor Day freight peak. Each country in the Asia-Pacific region is exhibiting unique market conditions, with air freight slots from India to the United States tightening due to increased demand, while Southeast Asia is showing stability amid global turmoil.

Opportunities and challenges of Veehoo vape industry

The rebound of the global manufacturing industry and the growth of air freight demand have brought opportunities and challenges to the Veehoo vape industry. As market demand increases, Veehoo can further expand the export scale of its products and seek more international market share. However, market competition will also increase, so Veehoo needs to maintain product quality and market competitiveness to meet consumer demand.

In conclusion:

The rebound of the global manufacturing industry has brought huge opportunities to the Veehoo vape industry. This trend will promote Veehoo’s expansion into international markets and enhance the brand’s global influence. However, market competition will also intensify, so Veehoo needs to continue to innovate and improve product quality to remain competitive. As the global market recovers, the Veehoo vape industry is expected to continue to grow and develop.

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