4. Fragrance persistence

Fragrance persistence refers to the persistence of fragrance. Some e-liquids really have that kind of taste at the first sip, but the more you smoke, the weaker the taste and the worse the persistence of fragrance.


Because the e-liquid contains VG (vegetable glycerin), VG itself is very sweet, so the e-cigarette is basically a bit sweet. Some people like it, and some people hate it. This feeling, the balance is very delicate.

6. Cool feeling

E-liquids of various flavors such as fruity flavors and beverage flavors will almost always have a cold feeling. It can be said that the cold feeling is the product impression and important experience of electronic cigarettes.

7. A sense of gain

This feeling sounds a bit abstract, but it is actually the key to smoking and quitting smoking. It mainly refers to the satisfaction that nicotine brings to the body. We often say that addiction is because the body has no sense of gain. Even the absence of nicotine can give the body the same sense of gain, thereby achieving the effect of smoking cessation.

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