A zero-nicotine product, as the name suggests, is an electronic atomization product without nicotine. However, people in the industry want to retain some e-cigarette users through zero-nicotine products, so they must consider how to make the taste of zero-nicotine products similar to e-cigarettes. One of the uation dimensions is the throat hit.

Grid Wu took stock of some technical solutions currently being made by brands, such as increasing the cooling sensation, adding special plant extracts, imitating nicotine compounds, etc. Among them, it is a common solution to enhance the throat hit by adjusting the cooling agent to increase the cooling sensation. .

Cooling agent is a general term for all chemical substances that can produce a cooling effect without strong medicinal properties. There are many kinds of it, such as L-menthol, menthol glyceryl ether, menthol amide and so on.

The commonly used e-cigarette oils are: WS-3 (N-ethyl-2-isopropyl-5-methyl-cyclohexanecarboxamide) and WS-23 (2-isopropyl-N,2 , 3-trimethylbutanamide), and WS-23 is the most widely used, with the advantages of mild and fresh, lasting cool feeling, no bitterness, high solubility, strong instantaneous bursting ability, and price advantage.

The RELX scientific team has published a SCI paper, confirming the safety of cooling agent atomization inhalation

On March 24, 2021, the RELX scientific team published a scientific paper in the Journal of Applied Toxicology, a global toxicology SCI journal. Changes in relevant physiological, biochemical and pathological indicators verified the inhalation safety of the ingredient under the tested dose conditions.

Previous research on it has focused on oral use. This study proves for the first time that under the test dose, the aerosol inhalation of the cooling agent WS-23 will not bring toxic and side effects to the experimental animals.

The research was led and designed by the fog core technology scientific team, and some experiments were completed in its physical and chemical laboratory. In the experiment, the rats were grouped into aerosol inhalation administration solvent and blank solvent through a special oral and nasal exposure system, and the clean air was used as the blank control group. After the administration period and recovery period, the researchers uated the acute and subacute inhalation toxicity of the cooling agent WS-23 by comparing key indicators.

Acute inhalation toxicity assessment showed no signs of toxicity in rats exposed to the limit test dose level (340 mg/m3) during the dosing period and the subsequent 14-day observation period; subacute inhalation toxicity assessment showed that after 28 days of administration During the drug period and the subsequent 28-day recovery period, there were no statistically significant differences in body weight, food intake, organ weight and other data of rats in different groups. Blood, urine, bronchoalveolar lavage fluid, and histopathology were examined. None of them showed abnormal changes related to the test substance.

The study confirmed that the maximum tolerated dose of the cooling agent WS-23 in rats was not less than 340 mg/m3 for acute inhalation, and the no-adverse effect level (NOAEL) dose for subacute inhalation was higher than 342.85 mg/m3. After conversion, the safe dose is much higher than the actual dose in electronic cigarettes.

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