There are several reasons why your new disposable vape may not work right out of the box.

1. It is a useless or faulty device

2.The battery is dead

3. The e-liquid has leaked from the e-liquid and there is no remaining in the cartridge.

4. When you inhale you cover the airflow inlet at the bottom of the device

Faulty device

Unfortunately, if a disposable vaporizer doesn’t work straight out of the box, there’s usually not much you can do about it. If there is no vapor produced and no flashing light when you first inhale your disposable vape through the mouthpiece, then unfortunately the device is a faulty device/dud. If this is the case, take the vape back to the place of purchase and ask for a refund or replacement. To minimize your chances of purchasing defective disposables, make sure to buy from a reputable brand and/or a store that provides good customer service.

How to fix a disposable vape that doesn’t work

Battery empty

If the LED flashes red or orange after using a new disposable product, the battery is empty. Although rare, sometimes the battery is not charged properly or the battery is discharged while being shipped from the factory. Again, if this is the problem, you should seek a refund immediately and take the device back to the place of purchase.

Vape juice leaks

If your new disposable vape is covered in liquid, it’s a sign that the vape juice inside has leaked everywhere and may be why your device isn’t working. This is relatively uncommon with new equipment since most equipment is sealed, but it can happen.

Cover the airflow holes

If you have difficulty inhaling when you reach for a new disposable product, you may be covering the airflow hole that is usually located at the bottom of your vape. These are one or two small slots in the bottom of the case that need to be open and unblocked to allow air to enter the device when inhaling.

How to fix a disposable vape that doesn’t work

What do you do when your used disposables stop being useful?

1. Check whether the suction nozzle is blocked

Sometimes something can get into the mouthpiece and subsequently block the airflow. Make sure it’s free, if not, remove and unclog any debris you can see to release airflow.

2. Make sure the battery is still working

When you use a disposable vape, a steady light will usually appear on the device while you inhale. If the light is steady and not flashing, the device is working and there is still power in the battery. If the battery light is flashing, the battery is exhausted or is about to become exhausted. If you have a rechargeable disposable vape, then it’s time to charge it, if not, then it’s time to throw your vape away at a designated electronics recycling facility like any other lithium-ion battery powered device.

3. Avoid excessively long and forceful inhalations

For safety reasons, disposables usually turn off automatically after 8-10 seconds. If this time is exceeded, the device will automatically cut off.

4. Avoid overheating by letting your device rest between clicks

Make sure not to leave disposables in direct sunlight or extreme heat. Additionally, when vaping, avoid vigorous continuous vaping and deep inhalations, which may cause your disposable vape to overheat. To avoid overheating, make sure to give your vape pen a break between puffs.

5. Avoid covering airflow holes

If you’re having trouble vaping on a disposable vape, it may be because you’re covering the airflow holes that are usually found at the bottom of the vape. These are one or two small slots in the bottom of the case that need to be open and unblocked to allow air to enter the device when inhaling.

How to fix a disposable vape that doesn’t work

Why Does Your Disposable Vape Pen Die Before You Use It?

It’s important to understand that disposable batteries will run out before the e-liquid (whether CBD, Delta-8, or nicotine) runs out. These devices are designed to work this way to avoid users suffering what is known in the vaping world as “burn.” This is what happens when the device heats up but there is no e-liquid left in the vape, which leaves the user with a nasty puff of vapor!

Why does my disposable vape have a burnt smell?

Burnt disposable butts mean the liquid runs out before the battery – if there is no fluid left in the vape pen, you may get a serious hit and may notice a slight burnt smell. This is less common with disposable disposables, but if your disposable is rechargeable, make sure you stop using it when the steam starts to decrease and it feels dry. While we’re at it, no, you can’t fix a burned disposable vape pen.

How to fix a disposable vape that doesn’t work

What is the service life of disposable vapes?

Most disposables are labeled with the number of puffs and liquid capacity in milliliters. While it depends on how often and for how long you vape, smaller disposable vapes (up to 800 puffs) usually last a day or two, while larger disposable vapes may last from a few days to A week of daily use. Keep in mind that puff counts are approximate.

Reliable disposable vape

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