As vapes continue to develop, many enthusiasts are pursuing larger and denser vapor clouds. In this regard, understanding sub-ohm vaping and optimal coil construction is crucial. This article will introduce the concept of sub-ohm vaping, explain what cloud chasing means, and explore the best coil construction for clouds.

1. What is a sub-ohm vape?

Sub-ohm vapes refer to devices with lower resistance values in vape devices. Ohm is the unit of resistance and is used to measure the resistance of the coil in the vape. Sub-ohm vapes generally have lower resistance values, usually between 0.1 and 0.9 ohms. In comparison, traditional high-resistance vapes are usually above 1 ohm.

Sub-ohm vapes are characterized by their ability to deliver larger amounts of current, thereby producing more heat and vapor. This device is suitable for those looking for dense vapor, as the larger current can heat the e-liquid more efficiently, creating a denser vapor cloud. However, using sub-ohm vapes requires more battery power and skill to ensure safety and optimal performance.

2. What is chasing clouds?

Cloud chasing is a term commonly used among vapers and refers to the skill and pursuit of blowing out large, dense clouds of vapor. For many vape enthusiasts, cloud chasing is a kind of enjoyment that can increase the satisfaction of the smoke and taste.

The key to cloud chasing is generating lots of steam. This can be achieved through a variety of factors, including using a sub-ohm vape, proper coil construction, proper e-liquid formulation, and proper inhalation techniques. Among them, coil structure is one of the important factors for cloud chasing.

3. Optimal coil construction for clouds

In sub-ohm vaping, choosing the right coil construction is very important in producing large vapor clouds. Here are some considerations for the best coil construction for the cloud:

It is important to note that using sub-ohm vapes and cloud chasing requires caution. These devices typically require more battery power, so choose high-quality batteries and follow proper usage and safe operating guidelines. In addition, sub-ohm vapes produce more heat and vapor, and care needs to be taken to avoid over-smoking and overheating of the device.

In conclusion:

The pursuit of massive vapor clouds is a popular trend among vapers. By understanding the concept of sub-ohm vaping, understanding the meaning of cloud chasing, and choosing the best coil construction for the cloud, users can experience a larger, denser vapor cloud. However, in the pursuit of the cloud, security and proper usage remain crucial. Therefore, please always follow the instructions for use and safety guidelines of your vape device to ensure a good use experience and the protection of your personal health.

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