Imperial Brands and British American Tobacco have recently called on government departments to formulate better vape regulatory policies and prohibit the sale of vapes to minors.

Currently, the British government plans to introduce the “Next Generation Smoke-Free” bill, which will prohibit people born on or after January 1, 2009 from purchasing cigarettes and disposable vapes.

Imperial Brands said on its website: “As a producer of vape products, we share the government’s concerns about the increase in youth use of vapes and have called for adjustments to the flavors and names of vapes and a ban on packaging that attracts minors. .”

Meanwhile, the company says the “Next Generation Smoke-Free” bill is unfeasible. Bans may not stop tobacco consumers from using tobacco products, but may exacerbate an already rampant illegal trade. For example, the South African government declared the sale of tobacco products illegal during the epidemic prevention and control period, which led to a sharp increase in illegal tobacco transactions and a decrease in government revenue. Taxes from tobacco contributed around £10bn to the UK exchequer last year.

“The UK government wants to embark on a path to a smoke-free future, an aspiration we all share. However, introducing a ban on single-use vapes too early could be damaging to development.” Oliver Ku, managing director of Imperial Brands UK and Ireland “It is clear that a simple ban will not reduce tobacco consumption. Moreover, it will lead to an increase in illegal trading and pose a real danger to retailers. Disposable vapes are widely used among British consumers. Cancel Disposable vapes are illogical and counterproductive.”

Coutts believes that if the British government wants to continue to reduce smoking rates and prevent teenagers from using vapes, it should increase enforcement of regulations prohibiting the sale of vapes to minors at points of sale. At the same time, a retail licensing system was introduced to impose fines for violations to keep minors away from vapes.

British American Tobacco is calling on the UK government to introduce new legislation for the vape industry to avoid an outright ban on vape sales.

The company stated that it supports the 2030 smoke-free goal proposed by the British government. In order to prevent minors from using vapes, new regulations can be formulated to impose more restrictions on the sales of vape products. British American Tobacco suggested that the British government could issue vape retail licenses to eligible retailers, similar to existing alcohol and cigarette retail licenses. If a retailer is caught selling vapes to minors, their license will be revoked. Retailers must commit to complying with vape purchaser age restrictions and can also use the latest age verification technology, such as facial recognition technology, to verify the age of vape purchasers.

In addition, British American Tobacco also called for a complete ban on sweet and soft drink flavored vapes on the market, and a ban on vapes using marketing slogans and images involving toys, cartoons and candies.

At the same time, veehoo vapes also believes that premature implementation of the ban on disposable vapes will cause damage to the development of the vape industry. Veehoo vapes recommends introducing an vape retail license system, issuing licenses to qualified retailers, and using the latest age verification technology, such as facial recognition technology, to verify the age of buyers.

The government should seriously consider these calls and suggestions and formulate more comprehensive and effective vape regulatory measures. In this way, minors can be protected from the negative effects of vapes, and the development of vapes as an alternative to smoking can be promoted, taking a solid step toward the goal of a smoke-free society.

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