In the past few years, with the continuous advancement of technology, the way of smoking has also undergone huge changes. As emerging tobacco products, IQOS and vapes have gradually entered people’s lives. This article will focus on the differences between IQOS and vapes, including working principles, ingredient composition, and effects on health, to help readers better understand these two products.

IQOS and vapes: analyzing the differences between the two

1. Differences in working principles:

IQOS (smoke heating system):

IQOS is a heating, non-combustion product launched by Philip Morris International. It uses heat, rather than combustion, to heat the tobacco to a lower temperature, creating smoke. Users get a sense of satisfaction from inhaling the nicotine in the smoke.


An vape is an electronic device that generates vapor by heating liquid vape oil. The nicotine in the e-liquid is converted into steam after heating, and users satisfy their nicotine needs by inhaling the steam.

IQOS and vapes: analyzing the differences between the two

2. Differences in ingredient composition:


IQOS tobacco sticks are similar to traditional cigarettes, but without the tar and harmful substances produced by combustion. Tobacco sticks contain nicotine and flavoring substances, but do not contain some harmful substances produced when burned.


The ingredients of vape juice usually include nicotine, glycerin, propylene glycol, flavors and other additives. Among them, glycerin and propylene glycol are the key ingredients for generating vapor, while flavors are used to give vapes different flavors.

3. Impact on health:


Because IQOS uses heating rather than combustion, its smoke contains fewer harmful substances than traditional cigarettes. Research shows that compared with traditional cigarettes, using IQOS may improve some health indicators, but there are still certain health risks.


Although vapes also reduce the production of some harmful substances compared to traditional cigarettes, research shows that certain ingredients in vape oil and the way vapes are used may have potential negative effects on health. vape users may face respiratory problems, cardiovascular effects and other health risks.

IQOS and vapes: analyzing the differences between the two

4. The importance of choosing regular vapes

When choosing an vape, choosing a regular brand is crucial. Here are the reasons to choose Veehoo vapes:

Product quality and safety:

As a well-known regular brand, Veehoo vapes focus on product quality and safety. Their vape products undergo strict quality control and safety testing, comply with international standards, and obtain relevant certifications.

Ingredients Transparency:

Veehoo vapes provide detailed ingredient descriptions to ensure users clearly understand the ingredients in the e-liquid. They use high-quality raw materials and strictly control the use of additives to ensure product safety and quality.


Veehoo vapes are committed to continuous research and development and innovation to launch products that are safer and more in line with user needs. They focus on scientific research and technological advancements to provide a better smoking experience.

IQOS and vapes: analyzing the differences between the two

After-sales service:

Veehoo vapes provide users with high-quality after-sales services, including product warranty and technical support. Users can purchase with confidence and receive timely help and support.

In conclusion:

IQOS and vapes are emerging choices for smoking methods, each with its own characteristics and differences. When choosing an vape, it is crucial to choose a regular brand such as Veehoo vape. Regular vape brands focus on product quality and safety, provide transparent ingredient information, and conduct continuous scientific research and innovation. As a trustworthy brand, Veehoo vapes are committed to providing users with a safe and high-quality smoking experience. When purchasing vapes, we should choose regular brands and pay attention to product quality, ingredient transparency, and after-sales service to ensure our health and satisfaction. By choosing regular brands like Veehoo vapes, we can better enjoy the pleasure of smoking while reducing potential risks to health. No matter which tobacco product they choose, users should use it with caution, understand and comply with relevant regulations and health recommendations, and minimize adverse effects on the body. In addition, for smokers, quitting smoking is still the best option to protect the health of themselves and others. We should pay attention to research and scientific advances to better understand the impact of these new tobacco products on our health and well-being.