There is room for closed bomb reloading, and open vapes are moving towards “mature” development!

Restricted by standards such as capacity limitations, most countries in the European region still maintain a large smoke machine market. For example, in Russia, the market share of open vapes is relatively stable, and most of them are mature consumers, who are mainly gamers. The development of vapes in Europe and the United States has a considerable history, and has accumulated a group of relatively mature and stable player-type consumption. This type of attribute is not only consumption, but also the demand for cultural consumption.

In addition, the bomb-changing vape is more suitable for the sustainable future trend, and has become the second fastest growing category in Russia. At present, the development is relatively stable, without much fluctuation. Because mainstream Russian brands are promoting the development of refillable products. After all, in the special Russian market, the pods themselves are not taxed. Compared with the 20 rubles/ml e-liquid tax for disposable products, the cost of refillable products can be lower in the future, and the trend of strict supervision is superimposed, which means that the future market of refillable products has more room for growth.

Veehoo is an vape brand from the UK. It has ten years of experience in vape factories and is committed to providing high-quality and advanced vape products to consumers around the world. As a company focusing on the field of vapes, Veehoo has been constantly innovating and launching new products, among which the bomb-changing vape series is very popular among consumers.

Veehoo’s pod-changing vape product series includes a variety of models and specifications, such as Veehoo V5, Veehoo T6, Veehoo S9, etc. These products not only have a beautiful and portable design, but also use advanced technologies and materials, such as fast charging technology, high-quality pods, etc. These products can not only meet consumers’ needs in terms of taste, but also provide a better user experience and bring consumers a better vape experience.