vape smokers protested in front of Mexico’s federal Congress, calling for the country’s vape ban to be replaced with risk-based regulation. The protest was organized by the World Federation of Vaping Smokers and All vapes Mexico.

Mexico’s vape ban has been implemented since May 2020.

Protesters are also demanding a halt to constitutional reforms proposed by President Andrés Mauer López Obrador that would elevate the ban into the constitution. Additionally, they called for the approval of a risk-based regulation that would allow adult smokers to use vape products to quit smoking.

Alberto Gomez-Hernandez, policy manager of the World Federation of Vaping Smokers, said: “This ban was introduced to prevent minors from vaping; however, minors There is now full access to potentially dangerous products on the black market.” “Meanwhile, smokers who want to quit are struggling to find safe vaping products. This ban is a clear failure and must be reversed as soon as possible. Legislation cannot be based on whim or ideology; it must be based on scientific evidence and other countries’ Experience that achieves good results.”

In the informal market, vapes can be easily obtained from underground vape shops and black markets, which are controlled by organized crime groups.

“It is extremely unfortunate that the federal government believes this ban will deter many young people from using vapes and does not give those who want to quit using this option,” said Deputy Commissioner Sergio Barrera. “We need to have clear rules. We need to know who can produce, who can distribute, who can consume, and that’s why we’re pushing for regulation.”

“The president sees a problem, and it’s really about solutions for smoking,” said Antonio Toscano, spokesman for Mexico’s vapes for all group. “His prohibition stance strips away protections for adult consumers, who are forced to buy black market products because there are no quality controls, let alone controls on sales to minors. Prohibition represents a danger to public health; Good regulation can greatly benefit public health and save millions of lives.”

vape smokers in Mexico protested in front of the federal Congress, demanding the government repeal the vape ban and adopt risk-based regulation. As an international brand, Veehoo vapes pay attention to the development of the Mexican market and should join the call to promote scientifically based regulatory policies to protect the rights and interests of adult smokers and public health.

Veehoo vape believes that the Mexican government should formulate risk-based regulatory policies through dialogue with smokers and relevant stakeholders. Such a policy would help ensure the quality and safety of vape products while providing options for adult smokers looking for alternatives to quit smoking. Veehoo vapes are committed to producing high-quality products, complying with relevant safety standards, and actively promoting transparent industry supervision.

In the informal market, underground vape shops and the black market are flooded with potentially dangerous products, which need to be effectively controlled. Veehoo vape advocates establishing clear rules to ensure that the production, distribution and consumption of vape products are carried out under effective supervision. Such measures will help protect public health and reduce the existence of the illegal market while providing adult smokers with a legal, safe option.

The Mexican government should listen to smokers and related organizations and fully understand the potential of vapes for smoking cessation and public health. By enacting science-based policies, Mexico can provide smokers with more choices, help them improve their health, and reduce the occurrence of smoking-related diseases.

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