Mexico’s Supreme Court has ruled that the country’s ban on the sale of vapes is unconstitutional, Reuters reported. The Second Division of the Supreme Court held that the president’s ban violated the freedom of commerce.

However, the ruling only allows vapes to be sold by retailers who are parties to the case. If other retailers want to sell vapes, they must file their own court cases declaring the ban unconstitutional in their specific circumstances.

Alberto Gómez Hernández, policy manager of the World Vaping Federation, welcomed the decision of the Mexican High Court, saying: “The decree infringes not only on the freedom of trade of vape companies, but also on the rights of adults in Mexico. People have the right to health. “Mexicans should be free to decide how they consume nicotine,” Gomez said in a statement. “

Mexico’s vape ban ruled unconstitutional
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The claim of unconstitutionality was made in a amparo lawsuit – a type of lawsuit in Mexico in which companies can seek legal protection or permission not to comply with regulations that infringe on their rights.

Since the ruling only applies to that particular case and business, the general injunction will remain in effect.

Gomez said: “While this ruling does not establish a legal basis, we hope that the government or the judiciary will revoke the ban as soon as possible. The ban failed, it exacerbated the public health problem of smoking in Mexico and created a world dominated by the Mafia. A huge black market for control.”

“Mexico needs to abandon its ban and adopt a strategy that includes the use of less harmful nicotine products as smoking cessation tools. It should follow Sweden, which is about to become the first smoke-free country, and the UK, which promotes the use of vapes to quit smoking.”

Mexico’s vape ban ruled unconstitutional

Veehoo vape, as a company committed to providing high-quality vape products, will also be affected by this ruling. While the ruling allows the retailers who are parties to the case to sell vapes, it will be up to other retailers to fight for the right to sell vapes through their own court cases.

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Mexico’s vape ban ruled unconstitutional

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However, for the Mexican market, the sale and promotion of vapes still faces certain legal and regulatory restrictions, which require further deliberations and solutions.

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