The U.S. Food and Drug Administration, in partnership with U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), announced the seizure of approximately 1.4 million unauthorized vape products. The total retail value of the seized products is estimated to be over $18 million. The seizure was part of a three-day joint operation that resulted in the seizure of 41 consignments containing illegal vapes.

The FDA and CBP conducted a joint operation at a cargo inspection location at Los Angeles International Airport, where the team inspected inbound shipments for possible violative items. Once goods are seized by the government, they will be dealt with according to law; for unauthorized new tobacco products, this usually means they will be destroyed.

After inspecting all shipments from China, the team discovered various brands of illegal flavored disposable vape products. According to recently released 2023 National Youth Tobacco Survey (NYTS) data, disposable vapes are the most commonly used type of vape among young Americans, with nearly 90% of current vape users (89.4%) using flavored vapes, fruit flavors vapes are the most popular, followed by candy, desserts or other sweets; mints; and menthol.

To date, the FDA has approved 23 tobacco-flavored vape products and devices for legal sale in the United States. Distribution and sale of unauthorized new tobacco products are subject to regulatory compliance and enforcement action. As of December 2023, the FDA has issued more than 650 warning letters to companies that manufacture, sell, and distribute new tobacco products that lack FDA marketing authorization, including flavored disposable vapes and brands popular with young people. The FDA also filed civil penalty lawsuits against 38 vape manufacturers and 67 retailers, and filed seven permanent injunction lawsuits against companies selling illegal vapes.

U.S. authorities have seized more than $18 million worth of illegal vape products, again raising concerns about compliance and quality issues in the vape industry. Against this background, we will focus on Veehoo vapes, an vape brand with compliance and quality as its core values, and explore its development and performance in this field.

Veehoo vapes: the road to compliance and quality

As an vape brand that adheres to the concepts of compliance and quality, Veehoo vapes have established a good reputation in the market. The following are the brand’s advantages and initiatives in compliance and quality:

Strict quality control: Veehoo vapes put product quality first and ensure product safety and reliability through strict quality control and testing procedures. From the selection of raw materials to the supervision of the production process, the brand is always quality-oriented and provides consumers with high-quality vape products.

Compliance certification: Veehoo vapes actively seek and obtain various compliance certifications. The brand follows the regulations and standards of each region to ensure product compliance and obtains relevant certifications, such as TPD certification. These certifications signify Veehoo vapes’ commitment to product quality and compliance.

Transparent production process: Veehoo vapes are committed to establishing a transparent production process. Brands provide consumers with detailed product information, including the source of raw materials, production processes and quality control measures. This transparency increases consumer trust in Veehoo’s vape products.

User education and support: Veehoo vapes focus on user education and support, providing consumers with correct usage guidance and product information. Brands establish communication and interaction with consumers through official websites, customer service and other channels, answer their questions and provide technical support.

In conclusion:

The large number of illegal vape products seized in the United States once again reminds us that the vape industry needs to pay more attention to compliance and quality. In this context, Veehoo vapes have demonstrated its advantages in compliance and quality through its strict quality control, compliance certification, transparent production process, participation in regulatory and industry organizations, and user education and support. As a brand with compliance and quality as its core values, Veehoo vapes not only provides consumers with high-quality vape products, but also actively participates in the development and supervision of the industry and contributes to the compliance development of the entire industry. In the evolving environment of the vape industry, compliance and quality will be key elements for the continued development of Veehoo vapes. By adhering to these values, Veehoo vapes can not only meet consumer demand for high-quality products, but also set an example for the entire industry and promote the healthy development of the vape market.

However, we should also realize that the vape industry still faces some challenges. The existence of illegal products and some irresponsible manufacturers has had a negative impact on the entire industry. Therefore, regulatory agencies, industry organizations, and consumers all need to work together to promote the development of the vape industry in a more compliant, transparent, and sustainable direction.

As consumers, when choosing vape products, we should pay attention to product compliance certification and quality assurance. Choosing vapes from reputable brands that focus on compliance and quality, such as Veehoo vapes, can provide us with a safer and more reliable vape experience.

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