1. What are the precautions for sample preparation for electronic cigarette testing?
    (1) The number of samples for electronic cigarette inspection and testing shall be prepared in accordance with the requirements of Chapter 4 of the “Technical Regulations for Electronic Cigarette Testing”.

    (2) The same sample refers to the samples of the same color and the same specification (model).

    (3) The material test for electronic cigarettes is only for products using ceramic atomizing cores, and products without ceramic atomizing cores do not need to prepare test samples for electronic cigarette materials.

    (4) When providing e-cigarette testing samples, you should prepare charging cables that match the number of e-cigarette smoking equipment samples, and at least 4 product instructions. The product instructions should include start-up protection instructions, working status instructions, battery specifications, etc.

    2. How should the electronic cigarette inspection and testing samples be packaged?
    Answer: Each sample is packaged separately according to the test content, and clearly indicated on the outer package, such as electronic cigarette smoking equipment, discharge, atomization and electronic cigarette materials and their corresponding sample information sheets, etc., electronic cigarette inspection and testing commission information and The sample information sheet needs to be stamped with the official seal. Place the prepared individually packaged samples in the same package as per the above requirements.

    3. What information should be distributed electronically?
    A: Please send the electronic version of the electronic cigarette inspection and testing sample entrustment information form and sample information form to: ctqtc@ztri.com.cn.

    4. When will the entrustment agreement be signed?
    A: After the center receives the samples and sample information, it will communicate with the entrusting party in time and sign an entrustment agreement.

    5. How to provide a charging interface in the sample production of pressure relief safety?
    Answer: If the product structure has an available position to lead out the charging interface, it can be led out from this position as much as possible, such as from the air inlet; if the product structure such as disposable electronic cigarettes does not have an available position to lead out the charging interface, it will inevitably be damaged. In the case of structural integrity, the charging interface should be provided on the basis of not destroying its basic structure. For example, the charging interface can be drawn out by punching the smallest possible hole at the bottom.

    6. Can the current intensity be limited in the pressure relief safety test?
    Answer: To charge the battery in the electronic cigarette device to full charge, the laboratory charges the battery according to the standard charging procedure recommended by the battery specification used by the product. However, when overcharging the battery in the fully charged electronic cigarette device, the laboratory will strictly follow the overcharging method of the national standard 6.1.6 of “Electronic Cigarette”, and only limit the overvoltage, not the current. .

    7. Does the thermocouple include a plug in the temperature test of the atomization zone?
    A: There is no hard requirement, it can be provided if it is convenient.

    8. How to connect the thermocouple to the pod in the preparation of the temperature sample in the atomization zone? Does e-liquid need to be backfilled?
    Answer: B.4.1 Sample Preparation in Appendix B of the National Standard of GB 41700-2022 “E-Cigarette” clarifies the following points: 1. Before arranging the thermocouple, the e-cigarette liquid should be removed as much as possible, or the unfilled e-cigarette liquid should be used. 2. Use high temperature resistant glue to bond the thermocouple to the position with the highest temperature of the heating element; 3. After the thermocouple is placed, restore the electronic cigarette or pod as much as possible, and keep the various Item functions normally. The above clauses make it clear that the thermocouple should be placed in the highest temperature position of the heating element, and the smoking device or cartridge should be restored as much as possible without backfilling the e-liquid.

    9. Does the sample of ceramic atomizing core contain heating wire?
    Answer: The control of heavy metal migration is aimed at the overall ceramic atomizing core. The “Technical Regulations for Electronic Cigarette Testing” clearly stipulates that the sample to be tested is the “ceramic atomizing core” before assembly. deal with.

    10. How to prepare the reference liquid in the heavy metal migration method of ceramic atomizing core?
    Answer: The composition and preparation method of the reference e-cigarette liquid are clearly specified in the certified laboratory method (equivalent to the e-cigarette reference e-cigarette liquid provided by the French standard XP D 90 300)

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