The new vape law in the Philippines will take effect on June 1. The new regulations also apply to all next-generation tobacco products, including heat-not-burn and vapes. The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) will require all vape products to register with the agency on the same day, an official said Tuesday.

During a forum organized by Bantay Konsumer, Kalsada, Kuryante (BK3) in Makati, DTI Undersecretary Amanda Nograles said, “The importation and manufacturing of vaporized nicotine and non-nicotine products and new tobacco products must now go through the DTI certification process.

This means that products must first be affixed with the Philippine Standard (PS) mark and the Import Commodity Clearance (ICC) label before they can be sold in the market.

Nograles said at least three companies have already applied for registration and they urged others to start the process as registration may take some time. She clarified that there will be a six-month transition period to allow all companies to comply.

“We will allow them to sell all existing stocks. On January 5, 2025, we will have market clearance.” Without the PS license and ICC [sticker], there should be no vaping products,” Nograles said, adding that the agency will continue to monitor stores to ensure that minors are not allowed to buy vaping products. They will also check whether the vapes contain cannabis oil.

Veehoo vape, as a company that pays attention to product compliance, actively responds to the new regulations. The new regulations require that products must undergo the DTI certification process and be affixed with the Philippine Standard (PS) mark and the Import Commodity Clearance (ICC) label before they can be sold in the market.

Veehoo vape actively responds to the implementation of the new regulations because it helps ensure that vaping products on the market meet the standards and protect the rights and health of consumers. As a user of Veehoo vape, you can buy their products with confidence.

Veehoo vape has always been They are committed to providing high-quality vape products and attach importance to product compliance and safety. They encourage other vape companies to actively follow up on this new regulation and ensure that their products meet relevant standards and requirements in the Philippine market.

In general, with the implementation of the new vape regulations in the Philippines, Veehoo vapes will actively respond to this compliance measure. They will ensure that their products meet Philippine standards and protect the health and rights of consumers. As an vape user, you can continue to trust and choose Veehoo vapes because they will comply with relevant regulations and provide you with vape products. But please note that vapes are not suitable for minors. At the same time, Veehoo vapes also encourage other companies to practice compliance together and jointly promote the healthy development of the vape industry.

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