Users often ask a series of questions such as “What are new tobacco products? What do HNB, IQOS, and CBD specifically refer to?” As e-cigarettes become a new trend in overseas markets, for practitioners, it is necessary to understand some new tobacco products. Terminology is also an essential skill.

In order to help everyone have a more systematic and clearer understanding of “new tobacco products”, and based on the introduction of various materials, Bolton Create Future has summarized version 1.0 of “New Tobacco Product Terminology that Electronic Cigarette Practitioners Should Know” for your reference To understanding.

Compared with traditional tobacco products, new tobacco products refer to tobacco products that contain tobacco or can produce smoke and taste, can bring people the pleasure of smoking and meet physiological needs, but do not belong to such as cigarettes, roll-your-own cigarettes, pipe tobacco, Hookahs, cigars, cigarillos, chewing tobacco, snuff, and other categories of tobacco products such as snus. It is generally believed that there are mainly electronic cigarettes, low-temperature cigarettes (ie, heat-not-burn tobacco products), etc.

What are the characteristics of new tobacco products?

  1. No combustion is required, which greatly reduces the tar and other harmful components produced by combustion, and is less harmful than traditional cigarettes;
  2. No second-hand smoke will be generated, and it will not have an impact on the public environment and the health of others, which alleviates the contradiction between smoking and smoking in public places to a certain extent;
  3. Contains tobacco ingredients, which can adapt and meet the physiological needs of consumers to a certain extent.

The background of new tobacco products?

New tobacco products are the product of the reform of the tobacco industry. They are new low-risk products aimed at reducing harm. They simulate the taste of traditional cigarettes through various technological means, thereby reducing the physical harm of traditional cigarettes to smokers. Its main feature is that it does not need to be burned, basically has no harmful components such as tar, and can meet the needs of humans to ingest a certain amount of nicotine.

Here are some common new tobacco product terms to take a look at.

  1. NTP (New Tobacco Products)
    NTP, also known as NGP (NewGeneration Products), is translated as “new tobacco products” or “new tobacco products”. Foreign countries usually refer to new tobacco products as RRP, Riskreducing products and low-risk products (harm reduction products).

At present, new types of tobacco products mainly include three categories: e-liquid-type electronic cigarettes, heat-not-burn tobacco products and smokeless tobacco products. Among them, the first two types of products both generate smoke during the smoking process, so they are classified as atomized products. Smokeless tobacco products include chewing tobacco and snuff (divided into dry snuff and moist snuff, the latter also known as snus, which mainly exists in foreign countries).

  1. HNB
    HeatNo Burning Tabaco Products, translated as “heat not burn” or “heat not burn”, refers to heat not burn tobacco products. Heating methods mainly include electric heating type, carbon heating type, physical and chemical reaction heating type, and other heat source types. Charcoal heating type, a small section of charcoal is added to the head of the cigarette, which generates heat after ignition and transfers the tobacco in the rear section without using a tobacco rod. Electric heating type, it is necessary to put the pod containing tobacco into the smoking device for heating.
  1. eHTP
    Electrically heated tobacco products. This is an electrically heated heating method, including electronic cigarettes and heated cigarettes.
  2. ECS
    Electronic cigarettes Electronic cigarettes. This is a nicotine electron delivery (system) product used to generate a nicotine-containing aerosol for a person to smoke. This is the official domestic definition of electronic cigarettes.
  3. ENDS
    ElectronicNicotine Delivery Systems Electronic nicotine delivery systems, including e-cigarettes and heated cigarettes. This is the World Health Organization’s unified name for such products.
  4. NSCs
    (NatureSmoke Cigarettes, NSCs) natural smoke cigarettes, through anaerobic heating technology, belong to the black technology of heating not burning of China Tobacco.

This technology is a new type of tobacco product jointly proposed and constructed by China National Tobacco Corporation Zhengzhou Tobacco Research Institute Tobacco Industry Key Laboratory of Tobacco Technology and Yunnan China Tobacco Industry Co., Ltd. Technology Center. new category.

It is said that this is a patented technology developed by China Tobacco – the unique NSCs anaerobic heating technology. The tobacco heating area naturally generates flue gas in a low oxygen state, diffuses to the aerobic area, and then extracts the flue gas through the intake air circulation.

  1. IQOS
    It is an acronym for “iquit originalsmoking”, which translates to “I give up traditional tobacco” or “I quit smoking”. IQOS, a representative product of heat-not-burn tobacco products, is an epoch-making product in the field of new tobacco, developed and designed by Philip Morris International Inc. (PM), the world’s largest tobacco company.
  2. Vape
    Abbreviation for Vapour or Vaporize. Internationally, VAPE is the collective name for electronic cigarettes. Because it can literally distinguish electronic cigarettes from cigarettes, the entire e-cigarette industry is currently more inclined to use them.

In 2014, VAPE was rated as “Hot Word of the Year” by Oxford Dictionary. A completely equivalent word has not yet been invented in Chinese, but electronic cigarettes are now also called electronic atomizers, vaping cigarettes, and vaping sticks. Extended words related to VAPE, including VAPING (referring to an act of smoking e-cigarettes), VAPER (referring to all e-cigarette users, including novice, players).

  1. POD
    Translated as “separate compartment”, referring to small smoke. Pods are divided into closed refillable pods, closed disposable pods and open refillable pods. At present, pod vape has become the mainstream product in the market instead of big cigarette. Among them, JUUL is known as the originator of pod vape, and it is an electronic cigarette brand of JuulLabs, an electronic cigarette manufacturer in San Francisco, USA. In early 2018, JuulLabs spun off vaping company PaxLabs and became the top e-cigarette maker on the market. Juul has since focused on cigarette alternatives, while Pax has mostly made nicotine and blends between various botanicals.
  2. E-liquid
    It is the abbreviation of electronicliquid, which is translated as electronic cigarette oil. Yet another written term is e-juice. Electronic cigarette oil is also called electronic atomizing liquid. At present, the flavors of e-liquids on the market mainly include seven categories: fruits, health care, tobacco, beverages, milk, food, and herbs. Brands of e-liquids include imported and domestic ones. Imports are mainly from the United States, Canada, the Philippines, Malaysia, France, the United Kingdom, Germany, etc. Domestic production is mainly concentrated in Shenzhen, China.
  3. Nicotine
    Translated as “nicotine”, commonly known as nicotine, it is an alkaloid present in the Solanaceae plant (Solanum), an important component of tobacco, and a representative of N choline receptor agonists, which has a strong effect on N1 and N2 receptors. and the central nervous system have effects, no clinical value. Nicotine can be addictive or dependent, and repeated nicotine use also increases heart rate and blood pressure and reduces appetite. Large doses of nicotine can cause vomiting and nausea, and in severe cases, death. At present, most e-liquids on the market contain a certain dose of nicotine, and some do not.
  1. Nicotine Salts
    Translated as “nicotine salt”, it is a crystal formed by the reaction of free nicotine FreeBase with organic salts. In the final use of this crystal, it still needs to be mixed with propylene glycol or glycerin to form a solution in a proportion, generally 100mg/ml. Its biggest benefit is that the higher nicotine content can be more easily inhaled by the human blood, without having to be like free radical nicotine e-liquid, which will bring an unacceptable choking feeling. Nicotine salts, first used by PaxLabs, make nicotine more stable by adding a certain acid. It is believed to be more effective than traditional free-base e-liquids in helping smokers to quit and replace cigarettes. At present, nicotine salts are mainly used in pod vape products.
  2. CBD
    Cannabidiol is an acronym for cannabidiol. Cannabidiol, the main chemical component in cannabis, is the non-addictive component in cannabis. Cannabidiol (CBD) is the main non-psychoactive component in industrial hemp. It has the effect of reducing inflammation, convulsions and anxiety, pain and vomiting in medicine, and has significant effects in anti-depression, anti-epileptic, anti-cancer, analgesic and sedative . CBD is a compound found in the cannabis plant that can be extracted from hemp or industrial hemp and processed into food, medicine, or e-liquid for e-cigarettes. At present, the global CBD open medical markets are about Australia, Ireland, 33 states in the United States, Canada, Israel, Uruguay, Germany, South Korea, Thailand, and the United Kingdom. In mainland China, CBD is not allowed to be imported or manufactured without permission, and only state-approved manufacturers can manufacture CBD-related products.
  3. Glycerin (VG)
    Common drugs and food additives (generally used to make cakes, chocolates and other sweets) have no side effects on the human body, colorless and odorless, very hygroscopic, but relatively viscous, so it will slightly increase the cleaning difficulty of the atomizer and reduce the core Oil conduction speed (relatively easy to dry/paste). VG can be directly extracted from vegetable oil, coconut oil and palm oil, heated to high temperature, and then purified by distillation. Therefore, the USP food-grade vegetable glycerin used in regular e-liquid has 99.7% purity + 0.3% water.
  4. Propylene Glycol (PG)
    Also known as PG, it is used to dilute the viscosity of VG. Hygroscopic, slightly sweet, colorless and odorless, with a fluidity similar to that of water. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) describes PG as “generally safe for humans” (only refers to ingestion), and is a common drug and food additive. Throat hit”.

PG has been confirmed by FDA to be classified as a safe additive (only refers to ingestion), although it is also one of the benchmark materials for antifreeze, and is often used in the field of antifreeze and food and beverages with special requirements. Although PG is generally safe, there are still a small number of people who have mild allergic symptoms, such as throat discomfort, phlegm, dizziness, etc. These side effects are relatively short-lived and mild.

  1. TFN
    TobaccoFree Nicotine, Tobacco Free Nicotine. is a laboratory synthetic nicotine, patented and trademarked by NextGenerationLabs. Not subject to FDA tobacco control.
  2. VAPE mode
    MTL: Mouth suction mode. Mouthto Lung. Mouth-to-lung, suitable for small cigarettes and people who quit smoking.

DL: Lung suction mode. Direct to Lung. Suitable for high power, low ohm and big smoke players.

MTN: Mouth-nose pattern. Mouthto Nose. It is neither mouth nor pulmonary. Smoke is simply exhaled through the mouth and throat and then through the nose. It should be noted that nicotine will also be absorbed in the oral and nasal mode.

  1. Other common terms
    TC: temperature control, temperature control. An alternative mode of use that some e-cigarettes may offer in addition to the watt/power mode, allows proper temperature control to be compatible with the heating wire, allowing the user to adjust their vaping temperature.

RTA: Rebuildable Tank Atomizer, generally refers to a DIY oil storage atomizer with an oil storage tank, which can rebuild the atomizing core, and the oil storage tank wraps the atomizing tank. The atomizer that uses the non-rebuildable finished atomizer core must be an oil storage atomizer, which is generally called “finished atomizer” directly.

RDA: Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer, refers to dripping atomizer, no oil storage tank. Such as Vulcan, Veil, Mage, 528.

RDTA – Rebuildable Dripping Tank Atomizer. It is an upgraded combination of RTA and RDA. Like Wismec’s Theoretical Atomizer.

Top oil injection, also known as top oil dripping, or top feed in English, refers to taking out the cigarette holder on the atomizer, and then injecting or dripping electronic cigarette oil directly on the top of the oil tank.

Bottom feeding, also known as bottom squeezing, English is Bottom Feed, which refers to the built-in e-liquid bottle inside the temperature-controlled large smoke host, using the aerodynamic force generated by negative pressure to press the e-liquid to the position of the atomizing wire through a specific device, Complete the work of conducting e-liquid.

Ceramic heating wire is currently the mainstream heating wire material in electronic cigarette equipment. It has high resistance value accuracy, good thermal conductivity, better atomization effect of electronic cigarette oil, and does not contain glass fiber with traditional heating wires, which can meet FDA requirements and is safer and healthier for the human body. The alloy wire of the ceramic heating wire is wound on the hard oil-conducting body, and the tie spacing is more uniform, the contact consistency is better, and the smoke volume is more stable.

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