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Adjustable airflow disposable high-capacity vape

H10 25000 Puffs, Dual Mush Coil, Sliding Touch Full Screen Vape

Veehoo H10 is a high-quality vape product that has attracted much attention for its dual-touch full screen and excellent performance. Whether it is appearance design or internal technology, H10 demonstrates the veehoo vape brand’s commitment to innovation and quality.

In terms of appearance design, veehoo H10 uses a dual-touch full screen, providing users with an intuitive and convenient operating experience. By touching the screen, users can easily adjust vaping parameters such as power and airflow for a personalized vaping experience. At the same time, this design also gives H10 a stylish and modern appearance, bringing users comfortable visual enjoyment.

Veehoo H10 has two smoking modes: Eco mode and Boost mode. In Eco mode, the e-liquid capacity of H10 can reach 25,000 puffs, providing users with long-lasting use time and allowing you to enjoy long-term smoking pleasure. In Boost mode, the e-liquid capacity of H10 is 12,000 puffs, providing higher output power for users who pursue richer smoke and stronger taste.

In terms of e-liquid capacity, veehoo H10 has a large capacity of 24mL, which can hold more e-liquid, extend the use time, and reduce the need for frequent replacement. This design allows users to enjoy the smoking experience more conveniently without having to replace them frequently.

Veehoo H10 is equipped with a 650mAh battery, which provides long-lasting and reliable battery life, allowing users to use the product worry-free. This battery not only meets the needs of daily use, but also provides users with excellent charging efficiency to ensure fast charging and reduce waiting time.

In terms of mouthpiece material, Veehoo H10 is made of food-grade PC material and is equipped with a silicone dust cap to ensure the safety and hygiene of the smoking experience. This material not only has good durability, but also resists the growth of bacteria and odors, providing users with a fresher and purer smoking experience.

Finally, the body of Veehoo H10 uses an electroplating process to give it an extraordinary gloss. This design not only adds texture to the product, but also makes it more attractive and stylish. Whether at home, in the office or in a social setting, Veehoo H10 can become your fashion accessory to express your personal taste and style.

In short, Veehoo H10 is a slim and stylish vape product that is highly praised for its dual-touch full screen, large capacity of e-liquid, reliable battery and high-quality materials. Whether you are a newbie or an experienced vaper, Veehoo H10 will bring you the ultimate smoking experience and stylish appearance.

H10 18000 puffs, dual mush Coil touch full screen vape
H10 18000 puffs, dual mush Coil touch full screen vape
H10 18000 puffs, dual mush Coil touch full screen vape
H10 18000 puffs, dual mush Coil touch full screen vape
H10 18000 puffs, dual mush Coil touch full screen vape


This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemicalNote: 1. When the ambient temperature is lower than -5℃, the low temperature will cause the battery to be unable to discharge normally. We suggest that you can put the product in a warm room for 3 days before the first use, which is beneficial to the recovery of battery discharge capacity.

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Veehoo has always adhered to the independent and original product design style, combining the latest fashion sense of digital product design with the social sense of traditional culture, coupled with the inherent Vaper style of product design, creating a "tide" With the "burning" product and brand concept.

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