Quebec will ban the sale of flavored vape products, Veehoo is actively responding to policy changes

Quebec is about to implement new health regulations that will ban the sale of vaping products that are flavored (or unflavored) other than tobacco. Under the regulation, bottles of e-liquid with a capacity of more than 30 milliliters and prefilled devices with a capacity of more than 2 milliliters will also be banned from sale. The regulation was officially published in the official provincial gazette on August 2 and will come into effect on October 31, 90 days after its publication. Quebec is Canada’s second most populous province, and the move would have a major impact on the vape market.

The new rule aims to limit the sale of flavored vaping products that attract young people to smoke. The Quebec government believes the flavored products may attract minors to try vaping and increase their risk of exposure to nicotine. By limiting flavor choices, they hope to reduce the potential risks of underage vaping.

In addition, the new regulations limit the volume of e-liquid and pre-filled devices. The move aims to control the nicotine content and frequency of use of vape products to reduce potential risks to users’ health.

For vape manufacturers, compliance with local laws and regulations is crucial. Veehoo, as a manufacturer from the UK with ten years of experience in the vape industry, has been paying close attention to changes in policies around the world. Veehoo is committed to timely adjusting product specifications according to legal requirements in different regions to ensure that its products comply with local regulations and restrictions.

Veehoo is committed to providing safe, high-quality vape products and complying with laws and regulations everywhere. They take the health and safety of consumers seriously and take steps to ensure product compliance. By adapting to policy changes in different regions, Veehoo ensures that their consumers can conveniently enjoy their vaping products all over the world.

Overall, Quebec’s forthcoming new regulations will ban the sale of flavored vaping products and limit the volume of e-liquid and prefilled devices. Veehoo, as an experienced vape manufacturer, will actively respond to this policy change and ensure that their products comply with local regulatory requirements. By complying with local laws and regulations, Veehoo is committed to providing consumers with safe and compliant vape products.

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