According to a report by Turkish media NTV on December 26, research predicts that the use of vapes will exceed that of traditional tobacco in the next few years. A study presented at the American Heart Association’s annual meeting found that vape users who were regularly exposed to nicotine performed worse than non-tobacco users on a treadmill test used to measure heart disease risk. Shows similar harmful health effects to traditional tobacco.

Laboratory studies have also shown that vapes may be linked to certain types of cancer. According to figures from Action on Smoking and Health, almost one in 20 teenagers aged 11 to 15 in England regularly use vapes.

Research predicts: The use of vapes will exceed traditional tobacco use in the next few years

Experts worry that some vapes are designed in part to appeal to teenagers by adding flavors such as blackberry, which could mean a risk of nicotine addiction for a new generation.

A recent study predicts that vape use will surpass traditional tobacco in the next few years, raising concerns about the vape industry. However, vape users who are regularly exposed to nicotine perform worse on tests that measure heart disease risk, showing similar harmful health effects to traditional tobacco, according to findings from the American Heart Association. This finding reminds us that protecting the health of our users is crucial.

In this context, we have to pay attention to the development of Veehoo vapes and the entire vape industry. Although Veehoo vapes, as a brand that actively meets market demand, is committed to providing users with personalized products and flavor choices, we must also recognize the challenges faced by vapes.

Research predicts: The use of vapes will exceed traditional tobacco use in the next few years

First, research findings linking vapes to cancer have attracted widespread attention.

Laboratory studies show that vapes may be linked to some types of cancer. This discovery makes it necessary for us to be more cautious about vape use and related risks. As a member of the industry, Veehoo vapes have the responsibility to ensure the safety of their products and actively participate in relevant research to ensure the health of users.

Secondly, the use and attraction of vapes among teenagers is also a concern.

Almost one in 20 11 to 15-year-olds in England regularly use vapes, according to figures from anti-smoking and health groups. Experts worry that the design and added flavors of some vapes, such as blackberry, may attract teenagers and increase their risk of nicotine addiction. At this point, Veehoo vapes need to strengthen self-regulation to ensure that product sales and promotion will not have adverse effects on young people.

Therefore, it is particularly important to protect users’ health and provide anti-smoking education. As a responsible brand, Veehoo vapes should strengthen communication and education with consumers, provide health information about vapes, and make it clear that the target users of the products are adults. In addition, we work with the government, schools and parents to jointly carry out anti-smoking education activities for teenagers to improve their knowledge and risk awareness of vapes.

Research predicts: The use of vapes will exceed traditional tobacco use in the next few years

The vape industry is at a critical juncture. While meeting the individual needs of users, we must protect the health of users and pay attention to anti-smoking education for young people. Veehoo vapes should lead by example, actively promote the sustainable development of the industry, ensure the quality and safety of products, and at the same time strengthen cooperation with users and relevant stakeholders to jointly establish a good image for the vape industry and provide users with safe, High quality vape products.

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