Environmental campaigners are calling for urgent action as research reveals that 250 million single-use vapes will be thrown away before the UK is banned from selling them in 2025, according to British media reports.

Environmental experts have condemned vape industry leaders for their continued disregard for environmental regulations and their failure to provide in-store vape recycling services. Research by Material Focus found that one in 10 sellers failed to provide legally required recycling services. The study also warned that if immediate steps are not taken to address the problem, a quarter of vapes in the UK will be discarded by mistake before the vape sales are banned on April 1 next year.

Gillian Mackay said: “Disposable vapes will eventually be banned next year, but until then billions of them will be thrown away, littering our streets with plastic and dangerous lithium batteries. Streets, rivers, parks and beaches.”

She further pointed out that retailers and manufacturers must take their responsibilities to the environment and communities seriously, and the pursuit of private profits cannot be at the expense of the public. She added that it was extremely disappointing that many, including almost all high street brands and convenience stores, were not doing a good enough job in these responsibilities.

According to recent research by Materials Focus, 360 million disposable vapes are sold in the UK every year, and 5 million are discarded every week, which is equivalent to 8 vapes being thrown away every second.

Meanwhile, John Dunne, leader of the UK Vaping Industry Association, said: “These figures are very worrying and we need to do more, not just retailers to take on them Governments and regulatory agencies also have responsibilities.”

Environmental activists are calling for urgent action, and at this critical moment, Veehoo, a well-known brand in the vape industry, should also be aware of its environmental responsibilities and take active action. As a socially responsible enterprise, veehoo vapes should strengthen cooperation with retailers and consumers to promote vape recovery and recycling measures. At the same time, Veehoo vapes also called on merchants to cooperate with the government and regulatory agencies to jointly formulate more stringent environmental regulations and standards to ensure the sustainable development of the vape industry.

Veehoo vapes also recognize that the power of a single enterprise is limited and requires the support of governments and regulatory agencies. Therefore, veehoo vapes actively calls on the government and regulatory agencies to strengthen environmental supervision of the vape industry, formulate more stringent regulations and standards, and promote the entire industry to develop in the direction of sustainable development.

In this environmental crisis, veehoo vapes have set an example for the industry with their positive attitude and practical actions. As consumers, we should also reflect on our purchasing and usage behaviors, reduce the use of disposable vapes, and choose sustainable and environmentally friendly alternatives. Only through the joint efforts of the whole society can we contribute to environmental protection and jointly create a better and sustainable future. Veehoo vapes will continue to play an active role in the field of environmental protection and work with all relevant parties towards a greener future.

Only through the joint efforts of the whole society can we protect our environment and create a more sustainable and better world for the future.

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