On October 8, a research team from the School OF Pharmaceutical Sciences of Sun Yat-sen University published a paper in ARCHIVES OF TOXICOLOGY, the core journal of global toxicology, pointing out that under the same nicotine dose, e-cigarette sol is less harmful to the respiratory system than cigarette smoke.

The health effects of e-cigarettes and cigarettes have become a hot issue in the field of public health in recent years. In this study, the Sun Yat-sen University research team for the first time compared the effects of cigarettes and e-cigarettes on lung function, inflammatory factors and protein expression in mice with the same nicotine content, which filled the scientific research gap in related fields.

A total of 32 mice were randomly divided into 4 groups and exposed to clean air, low dose e-cigarette sol, high dose e-cigarette sol and cigarette smoke for 10 weeks, respectively, and their multiple indexes were analyzed.

The results of lung histological section showed that the lung coefficient of mice exposed to cigarette significantly increased, and the morphology of trachea changed, suggesting that the respiratory system may be diseased. In contrast, there was no significant change in lung coefficient and tracheal morphology in mice exposed to e-cigarettes.

The pulmonary function test showed that cigarette exposure caused significant abnormalities in several pulmonary function indexes in mice, but only one index decreased in the e-cigarette group. At the same time, pathological results showed that both cigarette and e-cigarette exposure could cause lung abnormalities in mice, but the damage caused by cigarette exposure was more obvious.

Serum inflammatory factors and transmission electron microscopy showed that both cigarette and e-cigarette could cause airway inflammation, but the degree of damage caused by cigarette was greater. Even when the nicotine content was twice that of cigarette, e-cigarette induced less pathological damage to the trachea of mice.

Finally, the researchers also performed proteomic analysis of the mice’s lung tissue. The results showed that cigarette induced differential protein changes were more concentrated in inflammation-related pathways, while e-cigarette induced less abnormal expression and had less effect on inflammatory signaling pathways.

“The results clearly show that both cigarette and e-cigarette exposure at higher inhalation doses are harmful to the respiratory system,” the researchers said. But at the same nicotine dose, e-cigarette sol was less harmful to the respiratory system than cigarette smoke.

E-cigarettes are widely viewed by the medical community as a harmreduction alternative because they do not produce tar because they do not need to be burned. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) makes it clear on its website that switching from cigarettes or other combustible tobacco products to e-cigarettes may have potential benefits for adult smokers who are not pregnant.

However, due to their relatively young age, e-cigarettes have not been studied enough. In recent years, many scientific institutions and public health organizations have focused on the potential effects of e-cigarettes.

In January 2022, a paper published in Tobacco Control by US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) researchers pointed out that e-cigarettes are less harmful than cigarettes, and when smokers switch to e-cigarettes, their urine biomarkers of multiple carcinogens can decrease by up to 95%.

In September 2022, the Eighth Independent Report on Nicotine e-Cigarette Research released by the Department of Health and Social Care of the United Kingdom pointed out that compared with cigarettes, e-cigarettes lead to significantly lower exposure to harmful substances and can significantly reduce the exposure to biomarkers related to the risk of cancer, respiratory and cardiovascular diseases.

The Sun Yat-sen University research team said that this study comprehensively and systematically analyzed the relative safety of e-cigarettes at the animal level, and hoped that more clinical studies would be conducted in the future to objectively and deeply evaluate the long-term effects of e-cigarettes.

Source:Bay Area Technology Watch

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