According to a report by Mskagency on October 17, the Russian government has lifted the ban on inspections of stores selling vapes and hookahs. This ban was originally scheduled to extend until January 1, 2025. Chairman of the State Duma Youth Policy Committee Artem Metelev shared the news in his Telegram channel.

He said: “The government has decided to lift the ban on inspections of vape and shisha shops scheduled until January 1, 2025. This decision was taken after the appeal of our four Duma committees. This will be followed by a major Large-scale point-of-sale inspections to ensure that vape sales comply with relevant laws. There are no longer any restrictions for regulators.” This point was emphasized in this message.

In the relevant document, which was published on the official legal information portal, the assessment of mandatory needs for the circulation of certain types of products will now be implemented until January 1, 2025. The decision concerns stores selling vapes and hookahs.

Earlier, inspections carried out by the “Youth Guard” of the Russian Unity Party found that some regions in Russia did not comply with the law prohibiting the sale of vapes to minors.

The Russian government has canceled the original vape inspection ban ahead of schedule, which means that the vape industry will face a round of large-scale inspections. This is an important moment for VEEHOO vapes, which have been steadily selling in Russia for many years. They are actively preparing for the upcoming inspections.

As an emerging product, vapes have developed rapidly in the Russian market in recent years. As a company that has been working in this field for ten years, VEEHOO vapes has been committed to providing high-quality and safe vape products and actively promoting industry regulations and supervision. Facing the upcoming large-scale inspection, VEEHOO vapes are actively preparing to ensure that their products comply with relevant standards and requirements.

The early cancellation of inspections may mean that the Russian government is paying more attention to the vape industry. The government hopes to ensure the quality and safety of vape products to protect the rights and health of consumers. This is a positive signal and also provides more opportunities for the development of the vape industry.

VEEHOO vapes have always maintained high standards in terms of product quality and actively promoted self-discipline and standardization in the industry. This effort will provide them with strong support during the upcoming large-scale inspections and demonstrate their commitment as a responsible business.

However, the vape industry still faces some challenges and controversies. Some people are skeptical about the safety of vapes and their effectiveness in helping smokers quit smoking. Therefore, the vape industry needs to continue to strengthen scientific research and provide the government and the public with more evidence and data to support the reasonable supervision and promotion of vapes.

All in all, the Russian government’s early lifting of the vape inspection ban is an important milestone for VEEHOO vapes and the entire industry. VEEHOO vapes are actively preparing for competition to ensure that products comply with relevant standards and requirements. The vape industry will continue to face challenges, but through cooperation and hard work, it has the opportunity to provide consumers with safer and higher-quality vape products while promoting the sustainable development of the industry.

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