On April 22, under the joint promotion of Yi Yanling, member of the Party Group of Bao’an District Bureau of Industry and Information Technology and director of the Enterprise Service Center, and Wang Suichu, Deputy General Manager of Shenzhen Airport (Group) Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Airport will speed up the whitelisting of electronic cigarette products. Establish, promote the simplification of the export and transportation testing process of e-cigarette products, increase the air transportation capacity, and provide convenient conditions for the export of e-cigarette products.

“Transfer of electronic cigarette products through Hong Kong airport” is about to become history

Shenzhen is the center of the global e-cigarette industry, carrying 90% of the world’s e-cigarette supply, and 40% of the exported e-cigarette products are carried by the Hong Kong Airport for air transportation. Regulations, starting from May 1, electronic cigarettes will no longer be allowed to transfer through Hong Kong Airport. When Hong Kong withdraws from the air transportation of electronic cigarette products, Shanghai Pudong Airport and Zhengzhou Airport have already occupied a place in the air transportation of electronic cigarette products, and Shenzhen Airport, which is located in the center of the global electronic cigarette industry, will also implement a number of measures to provide electronic cigarette products. Export air transport provides convenient conditions.

The first discussion has achieved initial results

On the afternoon of April 12, under the leadership of Yi Yanling, member of the Party Group of Bao’an Bureau of Industry and Information Technology and director of the Enterprise Service Center, Ao Weinuo, secretary general of the Electronic Cigarette Professional Committee of the China Electronic Chamber of Commerce, and Shenzhen Airport (Group) Co., Ltd. discussed electronic cigarette products. The first discussion on export air transport business. During the symposium, the three parties exchanged views on export product inspection and logistics capacity that e-cigarette companies are concerned about, and reached a preliminary consensus. Bao’an Airport will entrust Shanghai Chemical Industry Testing Institute to set up an e-cigarette testing agency at Bao’an Airport to provide e-cigarette products during transportation security inspection. At the same time, in terms of logistics capacity, we fully support the export of electronic cigarettes to the sea, and provide full guarantee for electronic cigarette enterprises to earn foreign exchange through export.

Director Yi Yanling said that the Bao’an District Government has always been very concerned about the development of the electronic cigarette industry, supports the export of electronic cigarette enterprises to earn foreign exchange, and encourages the agglomeration and development of the vaping industry.

According to reports, e-cigarette battery rods are usually identified as PI965 when they are transported alone, and they need to be transported by all-cargo aircraft. According to the current market practice, each flavor (according to the product model) needs to issue a corresponding air transport identification report. As a fast-selling product, electronic cigarette products have experienced various appraisals, which not only prolongs the time cost, but also increases the risk of sales. The high cost of air transportation and weak transportation capacity further increase the cost of exporting electronic cigarettes by air from Shenzhen Airport. .

The “white list” of the second symposium came into being

On the afternoon of April 19, with the support of the relevant departments of the Bao’an District Government, the Electronic Cigarette Committee held a video conference to once again communicate with Shenzhen Airport (Group) Co., Ltd., the Civil Aviation Dangerous Goods Transportation Management Center, and Shanghai Chemical Industry on the export of electronic cigarette products by air. 26 heads of related enterprises, including the Testing Institute, Shenzhen Xiaofei Box Modern Logistics Information Technology Co., Ltd., and SF Express, had a discussion. Secretary-General Ao Weinuo presided over the meeting.

At the meeting, the heads of Shenzhen Airport (Group) Co., Ltd. and the Civil Aviation Dangerous Goods Transportation Management Center first gave feedback to the committee on improving the transportation system for e-cigarette exports. The airport took the lead in assisting companies to increase cargo flights and adjust transportation. , strive for positions, and establish a whitelist system for enterprises and products on a trial basis. At the same time, together with the Shanghai Chemical Testing Institute, we further simplify the e-liquid identification process, and fully support the export of e-cigarette products in terms of logistics capacity to earn foreign exchange.

 The introduction of the whitelist system not only reflects the role of the Electronic Cigarette Committee as a link between relevant government departments and electronic cigarette companies, but also shows the Bao’an District Government’s concern and support for the development of the electronic cigarette industry, and Bao’an Airport, as an international hub airport, is also Contribute to the development of Shenzhen’s electronic cigarette industry.

Enterprise research to meet the future with quality

On April 22, under the organization of the Electronic Cigarette Committee, Deputy General Manager Wang Suichu and Director Yi Yanling, together with relevant persons in charge of product testing, international cargo terminals, and logistics companies, conducted research on electronic cigarette companies. Secretary-General Ao Weinuo escort.

 During the investigation, the participants were received by Wang Guisheng, Chief Financial Officer and Executive Director of Shenzhen Microwell Technology Co., Ltd. Zhou Shengwen’s warm reception. The researchers went to the front line of the company to understand the company’s situation and demands, and discussed how Shenzhen Airport serves e-cigarette export transportation in terms of security inspection and transportation capacity.

During the discussion, exchange and investigation between McWell and Selmei, the person in charge of the company first introduced the company’s products and sales destinations to Director Yi Yanling, Deputy General Manager Wang Suichu, and Secretary General Ao Weinuo, and also proposed The current problems and demands faced by the enterprise, and exchanged views on the components of electronic cigarette products, the performance of related parts, the chemical composition of electronic cigarette oil, the stability of electronic cigarette products, etc. Afterwards, the participants visited McQuay products Production line, comprehensive understanding of electronic cigarette product form, ingredients, parameters and related component suppliers and other information.

During Selmei’s investigation, the participants exchanged views on the stability of batteries in electronic cigarettes during transportation, repeated testing of series products, test report issuance time, and transportation capacity support.

Deputy General Manager Wang Suichu said: “After the on-site visit, I have a deep feeling, and have a deep understanding of the product composition, product form, and assembly quality of electronic cigarettes. We will work with Shanghai Chemical Inspection Institute to establish a whitelist system as soon as possible. , I also hope that experts from Shanghai Chemical Testing Institute can go deep into the laboratory of electronic cigarette enterprises, have a deep understanding of electronic cigarette products, and facilitate the export inspection of electronic cigarette products as soon as possible. channel to ensure that e-cigarettes can be shipped efficiently and smoothly around the world.”

  In the next step, the committee will make every effort to promote the implementation of the “white list” policy, solve practical problems for e-cigarette companies, and provide comprehensive services for the development of e-cigarette companies and the export of e-cigarette products.

Disposable e-cigarettes come in dozens of flavors

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