Vapes have attracted more and more attention in recent years, especially among young people. Some believe that the packaging of vapes is too flashy and attractive, which may have an undue appeal to teenagers. As a result, some have called for the simplification of vape packaging to make it less attractive to teenagers. However, this problem is not simple and requires comprehensive consideration.

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First, vape packaging may indeed appeal to teenagers.

The packaging of some vape brands is exquisitely designed, and some packaging even presents a sense of fashion and trend, which may be more attractive to young people. In addition, some vape brands also use bright colors and attractive patterns on their packaging, which may also appeal to young people. Therefore, simplifying the packaging of vapes may help reduce their appeal to young people.

Secondly, the packaging design of vapes is not the only factor.

There are many factors that affect young people’s smoking. Social and cultural factors, family environment, personal circumstances, etc. may have an impact on young people’s smoking. Simplifying vape packaging, without addressing other factors that influence youth smoking, may not completely eliminate youth appeal.

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Third, vapes are a product used by adults.

Therefore, vape brands should take steps to ensure that their products are only available to adults and avoid marketing them to minors. This can be achieved by requiring age verification at the time of sale, labeling “adult use” on the packaging, etc.

Finally, simplifying vape packaging may have an impact on branding and sales.

Brands may lose some of their uniqueness and individuality, and sales may suffer. Therefore, simplifying vape packaging should be a balanced consideration.

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To sum up, simplifying the packaging of vapes to reduce their attractiveness to young people is an issue worth considering. However, the impact of branding and sales needs to be balanced, while also being mindful of other factors that influence youth smoking. Ultimately, we need to take multiple steps to ensure that vapes are only available to adults to protect the health of young people.

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