1. Is there any difference between condensate and oil spill?

Condensation and oil leakage are two different things, oil leakage is from the bottom, and condensate is from the suction port.

2. What does it mean to absorb oil?

When smoking veehoo vapes, occasionally oil may be sucked, which means that condensate is sucked. Because the smoke inhaled by vapes is actually steam, the steam will become condensed when it is cold. Just like we use a kettle to boil water, the liquid produced by the contact of water vapor with the bottom of the metal kettle lid is a reason.

In this case, you can shake the suction nozzle of the pod down twice, wipe the suction nozzle clean and use it.

3. Is condensation harmful to the body?

According to the principle of condensate formation, condensation is the condensation of gas when it is cooled, so condensate will not harm the body.

4. Why is the condensate black?

Most of the vape condensation will be mixed with e-liquid, because the condensate returns to the oil-conducting cotton after returning, and there is carbon deposit on the heating wire on the cotton, and the carbon deposit is black, so condensate will appear It is a black phenomenon.

In this case, you can shake the suction port of the pod down twice, wipe the suction port with a paper towel and use it.

5. There is oil in the vape but no electricity, what’s the matter?

This is caused by too frequent smoking. If you smoke for several hours, the battery may be exhausted faster than the e-liquid.

Therefore, it is suggested that when smoking vapes, grasp the rhythm, smoke for a while and take a break, which is good for both the feeling of smoking and the vapes.

6. What happens when you get dizzy after smoking vapes for a while?

If you do not have the habit of smoking cigarettes or smoke cigarettes less, the body does not have a particularly urgent intake demand for nicotine, which will cause the body to feel “drunk” to the sudden intake of excessive nicotine, and you should stop immediately Pump, drink plenty of fluids, and take breaks.

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7. Can I smoke vapes while lying down?

When the body is “lying flat” or “reclining”, it is not suitable to smoke vapes, otherwise it is easy to cause oil leakage due to the backflow of tobacco leaves, and when the backflow of e-liquid cannot release the oil-conducting cotton, oil-conducting cotton may occur The cotton is dry-burned, which leads to the occurrence of burnt core.