According to a report by Korean media “NEWS 1” on May 9, many unscrupulous businesses in South Korea took advantage of the lack of market supervision to sell synthetic nicotine vapes indiscriminately. Not only did they fail to implement customer age authentication, they even hired teenagers who pretended to be other people’s identities to buy vapes.

A Korean middle school student (15 years old) said that he is curious every time he passes an vape store. “I always feel that vapes are less dangerous than ordinary cigarettes. I can’t help but look at them when I pass by a store.”

Because vapes contain synthetic nicotine, they are not classified as “cigarette content” under current laws, which has led to the proliferation of vapes in unmanned vending machines and online sales platforms. According to research, nine out of ten types of vapes currently on the market contain this chemical. According to a report by the Korea Health Promotion and Development Center (KCDC), 52 of the 62 unmanned tobacco vending stores across the country at the end of 2023 (83.9%) seriously lacked adult authentication mechanisms (such as ID cards or credit cards), and There is no “no entry to persons under 19” sign.

In addition, there is also a popular business practice that can be described as “deadly”, which is to add nicotine liquid to synthetic nicotine vapes to increase the concentration. Although the Cigarette Law stipulates that products containing nicotine concentration exceeding 2% require a separate business license, this does not prevent the proliferation of nicotine dosing.

The report said a branch of the cigarette shop, when asked if it could increase nicotine, responded, “Although most synthetic nicotine vapes have a nicotine concentration of less than 1%, we can increase it to 3%.”

The problem in e-commerce is even more serious. According to data from the Korea Health Promotion and Development Center, 92.2% of vapes sold online contain synthetic nicotine. On e-commerce platforms, teenagers can easily create accounts and purchase these products as long as they know the adult’s ID number. Compared with ordinary cigarettes, which are not allowed to “buy one, get one free” or issue coupons, vapes “show off their skills” in various marketing activities. If you search for “vape” on YouTube, a large number of videos recommending their products will appear. In SNS, it is not difficult to find comments left by teenagers after purchasing and trying vapes. Obviously, the current ban on synthetic nicotine vapes is still in a “regulatory gap.”

In such a market environment, Veehoo vapes, as a brand that pays attention to compliance and the protection of teenagers, will continue to be committed to compliance operations and ensure the safety and health of consumers. This article will explore how Veehoo vapes are responding to the chaos in the Korean market and advocate for the importance of compliance and protecting youth.

Emphasize product compliance

As a responsible vape brand, Veehoo vapes will adhere to product design and manufacturing that comply with regulations and standards. They will ensure that their products do not contain illegal ingredients such as synthetic nicotine and adhere to limits on nicotine concentrations. By emphasizing product compliance, Veehoo vapes have established a good corporate image and conveyed its commitment to health and safety to consumers.

Strengthen age verification measures

Veehoo vapes will take proactive measures to strengthen age authentication to ensure that only adults can purchase its products. They can do this by working with local retailers to require valid age verification, such as asking for ID or other legal documentation. In addition, Veehoo vapes can actively participate in the advocacy activities of the Korean government and relevant agencies to promote legal sales and measures to prohibit teenagers from purchasing vapes.

Provide safety education and promotion

Veehoo can work with schools, parent organizations and health agencies to provide safety education and awareness campaigns about vapes. They can use information campaigns to highlight the dangers of vapes to youth health and provide resources and support to quit smoking. Through education and publicity, Veehoo vapes hope to enhance the public’s understanding of synthetic nicotine vapes and guide consumers to make informed choices.

Seeking cooperation with regulators

Veehoo vapes can actively cooperate with relevant Korean regulatory agencies to jointly develop stricter regulations and standards to protect consumers from the harm of synthetic nicotine vapes. They can participate in industry associations and government meetings to share their experiences and suggestions and promote the implementation of compliance measures.

In conclusion:

Amid the chaos in the synthetic nicotine vape market in South Korea, Veehoo vapes will continue to be committed to operating in compliance and protecting teenagers. By emphasizing product compliance, strengthening age certification measures, providing safety education and promotion, and cooperating with regulatory agencies, Veehoo vapes will provide consumers with safe and compliant products and actively promote the development of the entire industry. They believe that only through compliance and efforts to protect youth can a healthy and sustainable vape market be established.

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