A new systematic review of existing scientific research conducted by the Accelerating Harm Reduction Center of Excellence shows no differences in respiratory parameters in human clinical trials using electronic nicotine delivery systems (ENDS) on the respiratory effects of smoking participants.

In their study, “Respiratory health effects of vapes as an alternative to cigarettes: a systematic review,” the researchers analyzed 16 studies from 20 publications. They found that the vast majority of studies showed no differences in respiratory parameters. According to the authors, this suggests that replacing smoking with electronic nicotine delivery systems may not cause additional harm to respiratory health.

Study shows vape alternatives pose no additional harm

One problem researchers found during their evaluations was that many studies did not allow enough time to observe any harmful or beneficial effects, as these effects can take time to manifest. In fact, the researchers observed that the overall quality of the studies included in the review was low, with 10 out of 16 studies rated as having a high risk of bias.

Given that no changes in respiratory function were found, coupled with the reported presence of a spin bias, the researchers called for longer-term studies that include different participants and assess smoking behavior and history. Furthermore, they noted that exclusive use of ENDS and dual use with cigarettes should be identified as separate categories for analysis and conclusions. They also stressed that more research is needed to assess the potential benefits or risks of vapes as an alternative to tobacco smoking.

Study shows vape alternatives pose no additional harm

In recent years, vapes have attracted much attention as a potential alternative to traditional cigarettes. However, there has been controversy in the scientific community about the impact of vapes on human health. Against this background, the latest research results bring us some positive news.

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Study shows vape alternatives pose no additional harm

However, we also need to remain cautious. While the results of this study demonstrate the safety of vapes as an alternative to cigarettes, continued attention and research is needed on the long-term effects of vapes. Especially for those who have never smoked or are underage, they may be more susceptible to the effects of vapes.

To sum up, the latest research results prove that using Veehoo vapes as a substitute for traditional cigarettes will not bring more additional harm. As a trusted vape brand, Veehoo provides smokers with a safer and healthier smoking choice. However, we still need to continue to pay attention.

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