According to Spectrum News1 on July 3, Roy Cooper, the governor of North Carolina, signed four bills on Wednesday (3rd). These bills include a bill to establish a new vape product registration library.

One bill signed by Cooper is to establish a registration agency under the North Carolina Department of Revenue by the end of the year to register certified atomization products (such as vapes) or consumer products containing nicotine. Manufacturers must obtain certification when selling these products in North Carolina.

There will be penalties for sellers and manufacturers who do not comply with the new regulations. Both may face fines of varying amounts, and manufacturers may even be charged with misdemeanors.

Recently, Roy Cooper, the governor of North Carolina, signed a series of bills, including a new bill to establish an vape product registration library. This move is aimed at strengthening the supervision of the vape industry and protecting the health and rights of consumers.

According to reports, North Carolina will set up a registration agency by the end of the year, which will be under the Department of Revenue to register certified atomization products, such as vapes, and consumer products containing nicotine. Any manufacturer that sells these products in North Carolina must be certified.

For sellers and manufacturers who do not comply with this new regulation, there will be corresponding penalties. These penalties may include fines of varying amounts, and manufacturers may even face misdemeanor charges.

At this critical moment, Veehoo vape, as a socially responsible enterprise, actively pays attention to this regulatory measure to protect the rights and interests of consumers.

As a brand committed to providing safe and high-quality vape products, Veehoo vape has always paid attention to the latest policies of regulatory agencies and strictly abides by local regulations and requirements. They recognize that the vape industry needs stricter supervision and are willing to cooperate and support relevant government initiatives.

By establishing an vape registration library, North Carolina will be able to better track and regulate the sales and circulation of vape products to ensure that consumers can purchase legal and credible products. This move will help prevent low-quality or uncertified products from entering the market, thereby protecting public health.

Veehoo vape will continue to work with relevant agencies to ensure the legality and compliance of its products in markets around the world. They will continue to actively cooperate with the requirements of the registration agency and ensure that their products pass the certification process to provide consumers with safer and more reliable choices.

By actively responding to regulations and supporting initiatives to protect consumers, Veehoo vape has demonstrated its commitment to the public. They will continue to be committed to promoting the standardization and healthy development of the vape industry and contributing to providing consumers with trustworthy and satisfactory vape products.

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