Does your wife not believe that vapes are less harmful? Do your friends say that vapes are harmful to people? If there are people around you who are biased against vapes, this study will be the strongest evidence for you to correct them: A recent paper published in the international authoritative journal “Nicotine & Tobacco Research” pointed out that smokers who switch to vapes , the levels of multiple high-risk carcinogens in the body are significantly reduced, up to 99%.

The paper was published in “Nicotine & Tobacco Research”

The research is led by King’s College London, a world-famous school that has produced 16 Nobel Prize winners and is particularly authoritative in the field of medicine. The study mainly compared the levels of tobacco-specific nitrosamines (TSNA) in smokers and vape users. This is the most deadly group of poisons among the 69 carcinogens contained in cigarettes, including NNK directly related to lung cancer, NNN causing liver cancer and pancreatic cancer, NNAL inducing DNA mutations, and toxic substances NAB and NAT.

The results showed that the TSNA content in the bodies of vape users was much lower than that of smokers. Specific to the data, the NNN level in the urine of vape users is 62% lower than that of smokers, NAB is 87% lower, and NAT is 94% lower. The most carcinogenic NNAL has the largest reduction of 96%.

Not only that, after smokers switch to vapes, the TSNA content in their bodies has generally been reduced by more than 90%, and the NAT level has even been reduced by 99%. The study also pointed out that the longer smokers switch to vapes, the more obvious the harm reduction effect will be. Taking NNAL as an example, one week after smokers switched to vapes, the level of NNAL in urine dropped by 53%. After four weeks of switching, the drop was as high as 84%. “This indicates that NNAL previously inhaled from cigarettes is being continuously removed from the smoker’s body,” the authors wrote in the paper.

The burning of cigarettes produces more than 4,000 chemical substances. vapes do not have a tobacco burning process, so they can have a very obvious harm reduction effect. The author emphasizes that the TSNA content in the body of vape users is basically lower than the detection line, similar to that of people who do not smoke any cigarettes, indicating that the content of toxic substances released by vapes is far less than that of cigarettes, and switching to vapes can effectively reduce smokers’ Risk of disease.

Not only the UK, but the latest domestic research also proves this. The recently released “Report on Characteristics and Public Health Impact of China’s vape Users (2023)” pointed out that nearly 70% of smokers said that their health conditions have improved after switching to vapes, and the improvement of various symptoms was obvious, including coughing, sore throat, etc. The proportion of people whose pain symptoms improved significantly accounted for more than 80%.

“Cigarettes are directly related to about 15 types of cancer. We have confirmed the significant effect of vapes in reducing TSNA levels, so we support smokers to switch to less harmful vapes,” the authors wrote in the paper.

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However, we must also remain cautious. Although Veehoo vapes have made significant progress in reducing the levels of carcinogens in smokers who switch to vapes, vapes still contain some chemical ingredients. Therefore, those who have never smoked or those who are minors should be more careful to avoid smoking.

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