“We know that smoking vapes is helpful for quitting smoking… We will ban disposable vapes…” Although he is the British Prime Minister, Rishi Sukhna’s speech on vapes also seemed Be careful. Presumably neither he nor his competitors want to offend the UK’s largest voting base – the labor groups and the retailers who represent them. “The Conservative Party and the Labor Party are heading towards the general election. Who has the heart to push for a thankless bill?” “I don’t think they will completely ban disposable vapes. Business people and labor organizations will negotiate with the government and pass taxes. “To solve the problem of disposable vapes,” a retailer from Birmingham believes that this will be the future development direction of disposable vapes in the UK.

At present, Europe has passed a bill and explicitly banned vapes, and only France has established a timetable for banning disposable vapes. Although France has an unfriendly policy on disposable vapes, such a policy will not have any substantial impact on the existing vape industry in France. “Our TABA store doesn’t make much profit on cigarettes. We only earn 0.08 euros per pack of cigarettes. I buy this (disposable vape) for 2 or 3 euros and can sell it for 89 euros.” A man from Wenzhou opened a TABA store in downtown Paris. The boss said, “We are waiting for the ban in September. Oil dealers like Liquide will definitely no longer sell disposable vapes. But we will continue to sell them. This may be a good opportunity for new brands to enter the French market.”

In Italy, ANYX, an emerging brand under Yijiate Group, released two disposable vapes that meet TPD standards, and the sales were a huge success. The popularity of disposable vapes in the Italian market remains unabated. Just as MO, the boss of INTRADE, Germany’s largest wholesale channel, said when he visited Shenzhen last month (March 24), he believed that “Europe and Germany will not ban them in the short term. Disposable vapes, most likely politicians keep pulling each other’s back and maintaining the status quo. ” Europe’s disposable vape crisis could be a huge Rashomon, although sales of compliant small-sized disposable vapes are down in Germany. , but there are no signs of Germany banning disposable vapes.

In this context, Veehoo vapes, as a well-known vape manufacturer, faces opportunities and challenges.

The current status of disposable vape policy in Europe is not uniform. France is one of the few countries that has explicitly banned disposable vapes, but policies in other countries are still in flux. Although some media reports and market rumors have caused trouble for dealers and manufacturers, there are no signs that European countries have forced a halt to the sale of disposable vapes. This gives Veehoo vapes a room for development.

Veehoo Electronic Cigarettes, as a company focusing on the R&D and manufacturing of electronic cigarettes, has been committed to launching high-quality, regulatory-compliant products. In the European market, Veehoo vapes can ensure the legal sale of its products by complying with national regulations and cooperating with governments. This gives Veehoo vapes certain advantages in market competition.

Although disposable vapes face policy uncertainty, they are still favored by some consumers. The simplicity and convenience of disposable vapes attract many users, especially those who are trying vapes for the first time. For Veehoo vapes, this is an opportunity. Companies can continue to improve and innovate disposable vape products to meet consumer demand.

However, Veehoo vapes also face challenges. As market competition intensifies, the proliferation of counterfeit and low-quality products may have a negative impact on brand image and sales performance. To address this challenge, Veehoo vapes can strengthen brand protection and market supervision, establish solid cooperative relationships with legal dealers, and provide high-quality, reliable products.

In summary, there are opportunities and challenges in the European disposable vape market, and Veehoo vapes, as a well-known vape manufacturer, should seize the opportunities and respond to the challenges. By complying with regulations, cooperating with governments and providing high-quality products, Veehoo vapes can build a good reputation and brand image in the market. In addition, the company can also consider expanding its R&D and production in the field of reloadable vapes to further expand its market share.

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