On April 12, the State Administration for Market Regulation (National Standardization Administration) approved the mandatory national standard for “electronic cigarettes”, the standard number is GB 41700-2022, which will be implemented from October 1, 2022.

The mandatory national standard stipulates the design, use of raw materials, composition, technical requirements and other aspects of electronic cigarettes. The key contents are as follows:
Definition of nebulizer: Mixtures and auxiliary substances that can be fully or partially nebulized by electronic devices into inhalable aerosols. The nebulizer should contain nicotine.

Atomizers should not be inductive to minors, and should not make the characteristic flavor of the product appear other than tobacco.

Nicotine extracted from tobacco should be used, and the purity should not be less than 99% (mass fraction).

Electronic cigarette devices and cartridges using electronic cigarette liquid should have a closed structure to prevent artificial filling. For e-cigarettes or cartridges filled with e-cigarette liquid, inspect to determine whether additional substances can be added.

Electronic cigarettes should have a child-proof activation function and a protection function to prevent accidental activation.

The temperature of the atomization area should not be higher than 350 ℃.

The concentration of nicotine in the aerosol should not be higher than 20 mg/g, and the total amount of nicotine should not be higher than 200 mg.

Nicotine release should not be higher than 0.2 mg/puff.

The list of temporarily permitted substances and the maximum amount of use of atomizer additives are stipulated, the number is 101, and sweeteners and cooling agents can be added.

Friends who want to view the full version of the national standard of electronic cigarettes, copy the link below to open it, you can read or download it online, if it is to download, you need to follow the instructions on the page and install two software to open the downloaded PDF normally:

Whether the product is qualified or not depends on the national standard, and whether it can be produced depends on the “license”
The release of the mandatory national standard means that the e-cigarette industry has a standard to follow and an era of evidence to manage. But for practitioners, there is a more critical point, that is, the application and issuance of e-cigarette production enterprise licenses.

The e-cigarette management measures have mentioned:
Article 9 To engage in the production and business activities of e-cigarette products, atomizers, nicotine for e-cigarettes, etc., and to obtain a tobacco monopoly production enterprise license, the following conditions shall be met:
(1) Having funds suitable for production;
(2) Having the technical and equipment conditions required for production;
(3) Comply with the requirements of the national e-cigarette industry policy;
(4) Other conditions prescribed by the tobacco monopoly administrative department of the State Council.
If the above-mentioned production enterprises need to be licensed by other relevant departments, they shall also obtain corresponding licenses.
If an e-cigarette brand holder applies for a tobacco monopoly production enterprise license, in addition to the conditions specified in Item 1, Item 3 and Item 4 of the first paragraph, it should also submit application materials such as the e-cigarette entrusted operation agreement .
The applicant shall be responsible for the legality, authenticity and integrity of the content of the application materials.

Today, the latest progress in the application of electronic cigarette production enterprise licenses is a briefing report of Blue Hole: The State Tobacco Monopoly Administration has launched a column for the management of electronic cigarettes, and the details have not yet been opened.

However, this column has not been found on the website of the State Tobacco Monopoly Administration. It may be that the background test was accidentally released, and it must be officially launched in the near future.

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