In April, the mandatory national standard for “Electronic Cigarettes” was approved. The new national standard clearly stated that only mixed-flavor cartridges with tobacco flavor as the main tone are allowed. Making electronic cigarettes that meet the new national standard tobacco flavor has become an important direction for the development of the current industry.

As we all know, tobacco-flavored e-liquid has relatively large molecules and relatively slow fluidity, and requires a highly permeable atomizing core, which does not leak liquid and can restore the tobacco flavor well. Therefore, the choice of atomizing core is particularly important.

Traditional cotton wicks have the risk of oil leakage, low stability, and prone to smearing; silk-screened ceramic wicks have poor stability, uneven heating, and easily break the heating wire at high temperatures. These atomizing wicks are not tobacco-flavored electronic cigarettes. best choice.

What kind of atomizing core is more in line with the new national standard tobacco-flavored electronic cigarette? On April 25, Huachengda, the head company of atomizing cores, launched a new generation of dual-net graded heating ceramic core products – AXdual, which solved the problems caused by poor temperature uniformity and poor stress distribution of the ceramic core. The long-standing pain points in the industry such as powder and poor taste.

The AXdual ceramic core heating circuit is equipped with a preheating part and an atomizing part. The preheating part preheats the liquid and the flowing e-liquid first, which reduces the kinematic viscosity of the e-liquid in the liquid and improves the fluidity, so that the e-liquid can be quickly released from the liquid. The liquid inlet surface of the guiding liquid reaches the atomizing surface to achieve more efficient, more accurate and controllable atomized liquid conduction.

It is reported that the AXdual adopts a dual mesh graded heating ceramic core and is equipped with the industry’s first dual mesh sheet. The thinnest thickness of the overall ceramic substrate is only 3.0mm, which is 31% thinner than before, making it the thinnest ceramic core in the industry at present.

In terms of performance, AXdual has achieved eight breakthroughs in dual-network graded heating, precise temperature control, improved taste, and compliance with the new national standard. This is another work of Huachengda after the release of the first ceramic core in 2019.

Eight breakthroughs in AXdual, a revolution in ceramic cores

First of all, dual-network heating, graded temperature control, more efficient, more accurate and controllable atomized liquid conduction, and 50% increase in smoke volume.

Secondly, the multi-layer temperature field gradually generates heat, and the taste is improved by 100%. Significantly reduce the separation of atomized liquid molecules and improve the degree of taste reduction.

Third, avoid local high temperature and significantly reduce harmful substances. The AXdual ceramic core avoids the possibility of the existence of local high temperature areas inside and on the surface of the ceramic body to the greatest extent, and significantly reduces the formation of harmful aldehydes caused by the thermal decomposition of the carrier substances (PG and VG) of the atomized liquid.

In addition, the advantages of the AXdual ceramic core also include the high efficiency of the dual heating elements and the reduction of carbon deposits and heavy metal releases. The heating efficiency of the double heating element is higher than that of the single heating element. Under the same amount of smoke, the temperature of the heating element can be appropriately lowered to prolong the life of the heating element; under the same number of mouths, it can reduce carbon deposits, paste smell, and reduce the release of heavy metals.

At the same time, the progressive heating of AXdual can reduce excessive thermal shock and reduce the hidden danger of ceramic powder falling from the source.

In terms of atomization power, AXdual has double power and can switch between high and low gears freely. It can be freely switched between 5-10 watts of high and low gears, double the power range, and smooth atomization power response.

It is worth mentioning that AXdual has refreshed the record of the thinnest ceramic core in the industry. It is smaller and thinner. The thickness of the ceramic can be as thin as 3.0mm, which is 31% thinner. It is suitable for smaller assembly space and is suitable for carrying lighter and thinner atomizers. equipment.

Finally, AXdual can precisely control the temperature and meet the new national standard. As a practitioner in the field of atomization, Chen Ping said that the company will resolutely implement the mandatory national standards for “electronic cigarettes”, carry out production activities in accordance with the law, and create high-quality products that meet the new national standard. The indicators of this AXdual ceramic core meet the new national standard.

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