More than 25 percent of university students in affluent parts of South Africa are now reported to be vaping. What is more worrying is that this phenomenon has gradually expanded to middle school students, and even some middle school students have begun to try to smoke e-cigarettes.

In France, 200,000 young people join the ranks of smokers each year, mainly for secondary school students who “follow the trend and stay on track”. And “puff”, a throwaway fruit e-cigarette that recently took off on social media platforms such as Tiktok, has attracted more teenagers to try it.

Vaping is largely a social necessity, but surveys show that many students use e-cigarettes to deal with stress and anxiety. The intense pressure to get into school and take exams, especially in high school, has led to the use of e-cigarettes to help them cope with the reality tests, yet this has led many students to show signs of nicotine addiction.

In addition, in terms of publicity, e-cigarettes are often advertised as “healthier”, and the advertising style is more acceptable to teenagers. As a result, more and more teenagers start to try e-cigarettes on the grounds that they are harmless.

Marshmallows, chilled watermelon, blueberry, strawberry… Puff, a disposable electronic cigarette that looks like a chewing gum stick and boasts colorful packaging and a variety of fresh flavors, is attracting more and more young people. The product, which originated in the United States, has been advertised by influencers on social networks like TikTok, making it more popular among young people.

Although there are clear rules against selling the products to under-18s, fruit-flavored e-cigarettes are actually easy for young people to buy.

When people talk about the 2030 generation sans tabac, they are simultaneously creating a new generation of 12 – and 13-year-old smokers who are already addicted.

Source: Network Collection

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