On March 19, we learned from the official website of the National Standard Information Public Service Platform that the national standards for electronic cigarettes have made substantial progress. The e-cigarette standard has been corrected from [Comments under review] to [Under review].

This means that approval is about to be passed. Some industry media speculate that according to the electronic cigarette management measures, the implementation time is May 1, and the national standard for electronic cigarettes is likely to take effect before May, and will be implemented together with the management measures. Conduct compliance monitoring.

History of the change of the national standard of “Electronic Cigarette”:

Online publicity issued in 2017
In 2019, the status is: Approving
October 2021, Status: Under Review
November 18, 2021, Status: Drafting
November 30, 2021, status is: soliciting comments
March 19, 2022. Status is: under review

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