On April 15, the US FDA issued a marketing denial order (MDO) to Shenzhen Yibo Technology Co. Ltd. for 65 disposable vapes named “MNGO Disposable Stick”. This means that the company is not allowed to market or distribute these products in the United States or risk FDA enforcement action.

The FDA stated that the ban includes tobacco, menthol, pink lemonade, strawberry mango, watermelon jelly, ice banana and other flavors, with the nicotine concentration of each flavor ranging from 2% to 6%. According to the 2023 National Youth Tobacco Survey (NYTS), disposable vapes are the most commonly used device among current vape users, and nearly 90% of users say that fruit-flavored flavored vapes are the most popular.

The marketing refusal order also covers several “Clear” flavored products, which the applicant describes as tasteless or tasteless. However, data submitted in the company’s application showed that the products contain flavor enhancers or ingredients known to impart a menthol or mint flavor. Based on the totality of the evidence, the FDA determined that the product had a unique flavor.

Dr. Brian King, director of the FDA’s Center for Tobacco Products, said: “Tobacco product companies have a responsibility to provide evidence that necessary public health standards have been met, and when they fail to do so, the FDA will appropriately deny marketing authorization for new tobacco products. In this case , the applicant did not meet the necessary standards.”

Tobacco products that receive a marketing denial order may not be introduced or delivered into interstate commerce and must be removed from the market, the FDA said. If retailers have any questions about the MNGO disposable vape products they have in stock, they can contact the manufacturer. Manufacturers, distributors and retailers who sell or distribute these products in interstate commerce are violating the law and are at risk of enforcement action. Manufacturers may also submit new applications for these products subject to MDOs.

Since 2020, the FDA has received more than 26 million applications for designated products, the majority of which are vapes, and the agency has made decisions on 99% of those applications. Among these decisions, the FDA has issued MDOs for more than 20,000 flavored vape products since December 2023. Currently, the FDA only authorizes 23 types of vape devices and tobacco-flavored vape products.

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