As we all know, Hong Kong used to be the world’s largest transit station for the transportation of electronic cigarettes. Previously, due to the promulgation of the “2021 Smoking Regulations”, it was forbidden to transport new tobacco products by truck or ship through Hong Kong, forcing most of the electronic cigarettes produced in Shenzhen to change the direction of transportation. This leads to an increase in the transportation cost of electronic cigarettes.
The latest news came recently that Hong Kong, China may lift its ban on the export of e-cigarettes and other heated tobacco products by land and sea by the end of this year.
Senior officials in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region are rumoured to be considering revising the ban due to the economic value of exports, a move that worries the government that doing so could damage the credibility of municipalities and weaken the public health situation.
Before the ban, Hong Kong was the main point of operation for the export of Chinese e-cigarette products, and about one-third of e-cigarettes were shipped through Hong Kong.
After the ban, Hong Kong has hit Hong Kong’s overall cargo exports. According to the survey, 330,000 tons of air cargo are affected by the ban each year, resulting in a 10% decrease in Hong Kong’s overall cargo exports. The Hong Kong Freight Forwarders and Logistics Association said the ban “killed the environment for the freight logistics industry and negatively impacted the livelihoods of its employees”
It is estimated that the lifting of the ban will bring about US$1 billion in tax revenue to Hong Kong. Legislator Yi Zhiming said that the amendment to the law may allow the re-export of e-cigarette products by sea and air, so the revised logistics security system is in place.
“The Airport Authority operates a logistics park in Dongguan as a joint checkpoint for the movement of goods. It will cast a huge safety net to block. When the goods arrive at Hong Kong Airport, the transit goods will be loaded onto planes for export.”
“Previously, the government was concerned about the risk of vaping products flowing into the community. Now, this new security system can plug the loopholes in the transfer of products, so it is safe to change the law.” He said.

Source:Aibang New Consumer Electronics Information

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