Three e-cigarette companies, XL Vape, VGOD and Saltnic, have agreed to pay VPR Brands $155,000 to settle a patent infringement lawsuit related to VPR’s self-vaping technology. As part of the lawsuit, VPR Brands has granted each company a non-exclusive license to implement the inventions set forth in the disputed intellectual property.

Beginning in 2009, U.S. Patent 8,205,622 covered e-cigarette products incorporating electrodynamic airflow sensors, including sensors consisting of diaphragm microphones. The sensor uses an airflow sensor instead of a button to turn the battery on and off, and covers most automatic puffs, buttonless e-cigarettes, cig-a-likes, pod devices and vaporizers. The technology is protected by an e-cigarette utility patent.

VPR Brands has begun identifying and notifying more than 50 leading companies using its automated aspiration technology. XL Vape, VGOD and Saltnic are prioritized based on their volume and popularity.

According to VPR Brands, most nicotine vaping devices sold in the U.S. today feature self-puff/buttonless technology. The company is investigating all buttonless vaping devices in the nicotine, CBD and cannabis space that vaporize from the airflow a user inhales for possible infringement.

The company said it may also seek buyers for its patents in the future, citing Ruyan, which sold its e-cigarette patents to Imperial Tobacco for $75 million in August 2013.

VPR’s settlement with XL Vape, VGOD and Saltnic follows earlier settlements with Nepa 2 Wholesale and HQDTech and PHD Marketing.

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