The British Vape Industry Association (UKVIA) recently notified more than 100 illegal vape retailers to regulatory authorities.

This move by UKVIA is supported by the British Trading Standards Association and the Convenience Stores Association. They encourage legal businesses and the public to report illegal vape retailers and wholesalers, aiming to cut off the sale of vapes to teenagers and provide non-compliant vapes at the source. products and other illegal activities.

UKVIA has established an online platform through which the public can report illegal merchants, and UKVIA will compile the intelligence to regulatory authorities to combat illegal transactions. So far, the platform has received 136 reports. UKVIA Director General John Dunn said: “I’m delighted to see so many people taking part in the campaign. Many reports have come from legal vape retailers, which shows that our industry does not welcome and will not tolerate illegal traders.”

As a legal vape company, veehoo vapes actively responds to UKVIA’s initiative and cooperates with industry associations to work together to combat illegal trade. Veehoo vapes attach great importance to product safety and compliance, are committed to providing high-quality vape products, and actively participate in industry self-discipline and specification formulation. In the process of combating illegal trade, veehoo vapes play a role within their capabilities.

First of all, as a legal vape company, veehoo vapes ensure the compliance and safety of its products through compliant sales channels and legal business methods. Legal vape companies need to strictly abide by relevant laws, regulations and industry standards to ensure that the ingredients, formulas and packaging of products comply with regulations to protect the health and rights of consumers. Veehoo vapes ensure the quality and reliability of products by establishing a complete quality control system and supply chain management, and prevent non-compliant products from entering the market at the source.

Secondly, veehoo vapes actively participate in the activities and initiatives of industry associations, and work with other legal vape companies to jointly promote the healthy development of the industry. By participating in industry organizations and associations, veehoo vapes work with other companies to formulate industry self-discipline and norms to jointly combat illegal transactions and violations.

In addition, veehoo vapes can also improve consumers’ awareness and identification capabilities by strengthening public education and publicity. In the vape market, consumers often have difficulty distinguishing between legal and illegal products and are easily deceived and misled. Veehoo vapes can cooperate with other organizations to carry out public education activities to convey to consumers the correct use of vapes, the characteristics of compliant products, and the channels and ways to purchase legal products. By improving consumers’ awareness and discernment, we can help consumers better protect their rights and avoid purchasing illegal products.

In the future, cooperation between legal vape companies such as veehoo vapes and industry associations can be further strengthened and expanded. Legal vape companies can share intelligence and resources and strengthen cooperation to combat illegal trade. At the same time, industry associations can provide more support and guidance to help legal vape companies better fulfill their social responsibilities and promote the sustainable development of the industry.

To sum up, legal vape companies such as Veehoo vapes play an important role in combating illegal trade. Through compliant sales channels, strict quality control and participation in industry associations, legal vape companies can cut off illegal transactions at the source and protect the rights and interests of consumers. In the future, there will be greater room for development in the cooperation between legal vape companies and industry associations to jointly promote the healthy development of the vape industry and provide consumers with safer and more reliable products.

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