Compliance is the bottom line of business, said Zhao Zhufeng, co-founder and CEO of China’s leading vape product supplier Zhonger Group.

In a conversation with John Dunne, director general of the UK Vape Industry Association (UKVIA), Zhao said compliance can bring risks when handled incorrectly, but can bring opportunities if taken seriously.

According to customs statistics cited by UKVIA, China’s vape exports will reach US$11 billion in 2023, with an annual export growth rate of 12.5%. However, data disclosed in the annual reports of listed companies indicate that this growth rate may not be sustainable, and the industry may face more severe challenges and uncertainties in the future.

Everest said technology and innovation will continue to drive the industry as they bring together knowledge from diverse fields such as industrial design, thermodynamics and chemistry.

“Only by further improving technology, increasing basic research efforts, and strengthening innovation can a company’s products and brand power keep pace with market demand,” he said.

As the industry faces increasingly demanding and diverse consumers, as well as stricter regulations aimed at protecting public health and the environment, business operators will have to put compliance at the top of all considerations, Zhao said.

“By complying with regulations, companies can avoid unfair competition and market monopoly and promote the healthy development of the entire industry. Compliance operations require companies to continuously develop and produce products that comply with regulations, which helps promote technological innovation and development.

“Compliance operations require companies to strengthen the protection of minors, ensure that products do not contain elements that attract minors, strengthen supervision of product sales, and actively protect the health and future of the next generation.”

With the rapid growth of the vape industry and changes in the regulatory environment, compliance has become an important issue that vape suppliers must pay attention to. As a brand with ten years of vape factory experience, Veehoo vapes always put compliance as its top priority. This article will explore the compliance priorities of Veehoo vapes and highlight their important contribution to the healthy development of the industry.

Compliance ensures risk control

Veehoo vapes understand the importance of compliance in dealing with risks. By complying with various regulations and standards, Veehoo vapes can reduce potential legal risks and market risks. They conduct strict compliance reviews on product design, manufacturing and marketing processes to ensure that products comply with relevant regulatory requirements and protect consumers’ rights and health.

Continuous innovation and technological improvement

Veehoo vapes recognize that technology and innovation are crucial to the development of the industry. In order to keep up with market demand and meet regulatory requirements, they continue to promote technological innovation and product research and development, and are committed to providing safer and more reliable vape products. By strengthening basic research and collaborating with experts in different fields, Veehoo vapes continue to improve product design and ensure compliance with technological innovation.

Protect minors and public health

As an industry leader, Veehoo vapes fully recognize the importance of protecting minors and public health. They actively participate in the protection of minors, ensure that product design does not contain elements that attract minors, and strengthen supervision of product sales. Through strict compliance operations, Veehoo vapes make positive contributions to the health and future of the next generation.

Promote the healthy development of the industry

Veehoo vapes firmly believe that compliance is the key to promoting the healthy development of the entire industry. By actively complying with regulatory requirements, Veehoo vapes avoid unfair competition and market monopoly issues and promote industry order and a competitive environment. Their compliance operations set an example for the industry, encouraging other suppliers to also prioritize compliance and promote sustainable development throughout the industry.

In conclusion:

As a brand with ten years of vape factory experience, Veehoo vapes always prioritize compliance. They have set an example for the industry through their efforts in risk control, continuous innovation and technological improvement, protecting minors and public health, and promoting the healthy development of the industry. Veehoo vapes are committed to providing high-quality products that comply with regulatory requirements, providing consumers with a safe and reliable vape experience, while making positive contributions to the sustainable development of the industry.

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