According to Indonesian media reports on April 17, vapes have become a major popular trend among contemporary teenagers. This trend stems from its diverse tastes and fashionable appearance, and also because people mistakenly believe that vapes are safer than traditional tobacco. However, in fact, vapes are not safe and harmless for teenagers. Behind its alluring smoke lies a health threat that cannot be ignored.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in Henry Ford’s report, approximately 25% of middle school students and 50% of high school students had tried tobacco products in 2019. This growth phenomenon is undoubtedly related to the popularity of vapes. Many teenagers and young people mistakenly believe that vapes are safer than traditional tobacco, and even regard them as an effective tool to quit smoking.

However, tobacco treatment expert Amanda Holm says there is no clear evidence to support this view.

She said: “We do not yet have strong evidence that vapes are substantively helpful for smoking cessation, especially compared to proven counseling and drug therapies.” “I am worried that vapes may prolong or deepen the effects of nicotine. addiction and even increase the likelihood that people will return to smoking.”

Deputy Minister of Health Dante Saksono Harbuwono also emphasized and pointed out that this concept is wrong and vapes are as harmful as traditional tobacco. vapes are just as dangerous as traditional cigarettes. vapes contain nicotine, chemicals and flavors, all of which are toxic.

One vape capsule contains as much nicotine as a pack of 20 cigarettes. vapes are harder to quit than regular cigarettes. In the respiratory system, vape smoke, although not containing tar like traditional cigarettes, can also cause respiratory irritation and inflammation and disrupt lung function. Exposure to nicotine in vapes (which is also found in cigarettes) can impair adolescent brain development that can last until age 25. This hinders their learning ability, memory and concentration. At the same time, nicotine increases the risk of future addiction to other substances, including traditional cigarettes.

vapes have become a major popular trend among modern teenagers, but behind their popularity are hidden health threats and safety issues. There is a common misconception among teenagers that vapes are safer than traditional tobacco, but in fact vapes are not a harmless alternative for them. In this context, veehoo vapes emerged with their safety-oriented features and aim to provide a more reliable and healthy vape choice.

Part One: Health Threats of Teenagers Smoking vapes

Teenagers mistakenly believe that vapes are safer than traditional tobacco, leading to the increase in vaping. However, the ingredients in vapes include nicotine, chemicals and flavors, which are all toxic. Nicotine can negatively impact adolescent brain development, affecting learning, memory and concentration, and increasing the risk of addiction to other substances.

Part 2: Safety guidance of veehoo vapes

With its safety-oriented features, veehoo vapes are committed to providing safer and more reliable vape options. Veehoo vapes adopt strict quality control and safety standards to ensure that the products do not contain harmful substances and comply with relevant regulatory requirements. In addition, veehoo vapes also focus on users’ health and safety awareness, providing information and education to help users understand the potential risks of vapes, and providing smoking cessation support and alternatives.

Part 3: Innovative features of veehoo vapes

In addition to being safety-oriented, veehoo vapes also have innovative features. The new products it launched use large-screen display technology, which can display key information such as battery power, fuel level and usage time in real time, providing users with a more intuitive experience. In addition, veehoo vapes focus on personalized needs and display personalized images, animations or text through large-screen displays, allowing users to express their personality while using vapes.

Part 4: Commitment and Responsibility of veehoo vapes

As a responsible vape manufacturer, veehoo vapes promise to pay attention to the health and safety of users, actively cooperate with regulatory agencies, and comply with relevant regulations and policies. veehoo vapes are committed to continuously improving product design and technology to provide safer, more reliable vape products that meet user needs.

In conclusion:

The vape industry’s popularity among teenagers has raised concerns about health threats and safety issues. With safety orientation at its core, veehoo vapes are committed to providing safer and more reliable vape options through strict quality control and safety standards. At the same time, veehoo vapes also provide users with a more intuitive and personalized use experience with innovative large-screen display technology and attention to personalized needs. In the development of the vape industry, veehoo vapes will continue to promote safe and responsible development, and work closely with users, regulatory agencies and relevant stakeholders to jointly solve the health problems of vapes among teenagers and provide users with A healthier, more reliable alternative.

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