Thailand banned the sale of vaping products in 2015. The ban on the domestic sale and manufacture of vapes has made it illegal to sell or manufacture vaping products in Thailand, and anyone caught breaking the law could face a fine of up to 30,000 baht (about $900) or even up to 10 years in prison. However, the ban ended in 2019 when an amendment to a key law effectively lifted the ban.

That hasn’t stopped government agencies and law enforcement officials from saying otherwise, though. On Feb. 2, shortly after the Taiwanese actress’ case sparked outrage, the Office of the Consumer Protection Commission issued a warning that even simple possession of vapes without smoking could result in a fine of four times the item’s value and a maximum five-year prison term. imprisonment. The commission said store owners would be seen as encouraging the sale of vapes.

Other government departments, including the Thai embassy and tourism bureau, have issued similar warnings, adding to confusion over whether possession and use of vapes is illegal in Thailand. For the Thai authorities, you are breaking the law if you own an item that is prohibited from being imported, manufactured or sold in Thailand, even if you did not import, manufacture or sell the item yourself.

Thailand’s vape regulations are full of uncertainty and ambiguity, which is a huge problem for vape users. Therefore, in order to avoid causing trouble to users, we recommend that vape users purchase and use vapes locally as much as possible, or learn about the relevant laws and regulations on vapes in their destinations in advance. If you need to travel internationally or other activities that require long distances, it is best to avoid carrying purchased vapes, because in some countries or regions, the sale and use of vapes may be illegal, which may cause your vapes Being detained or confiscated, or even facing criminal punishment.

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In short, in order to avoid troubles for yourself due to unclear regulations on vapes, it is best to abide by local regulations and regulations, and use vapes in legal purchase areas and countries as much as possible. If you need to travel internationally or do other long-distance activities, it is best to know the relevant laws and regulations on vapes in your destination in advance, and try to avoid carrying purchased vapes.