Consider the following scenarios to help you answer this question:

The type of the vape pen

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The size of the puffs that were taken

The number of cigarettes they used to smoke on a regular basis

A single milliliter of vape juice typically provides roughly 100 puffs, according to industry standards. This means that one milliliter of vape juice is roughly equivalent to five packs of cigarettes.

The chemical effects are far more intense when breathed through vaping than when inhaled through smoking a cigarette. This is particularly true when it comes to sub-Ohm vaping. Sub-Ohm devices produce a thicker vapor that resembles a large cloud.

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veehoo vape is a brand from the UK. It has more experience in vape and is a very trustworthy electronic cigarette brand.

veehoo vape has two electronic cigarette factories and more than ten years of industrial design experience. Among vape players, veehoo may not be a good vape, but it is definitely the most suitable e-cigarette for your experience.

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veehoo has its own design team, whether oem or odm can meet your needs. Veehoo vape inherits the British gentleman culture and possesses the rebellious spirit of punk. Among electronic cigarette players, veehoo electronic cigarette has a very well-known status and is definitely worth a try.

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